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 WordPress has grown-up to overshadow blogging sites and other sites offering shareable personal URLs and domains to users. WordPress needs some time to be spent on it to understand it and it also requires good memory power to keep in mind information gathered while surveying it. In terms of popularity, it is now the most preferred and trusted site, for them who depend on social media for starting up a website to advertising and market their books, products, etc. But unless you have a domain that represents only you instead of WordPress along with you, you’re always going to be lagging behind. Using a WordPress custom domain is what you will need if you have to gain more and better recognition for yourself. This widens the area for you and there are more reasons and benefits to customizing and setting up a domain that ends with example.com instead ‘example.WordPress.com’.

Why you should opt for WordPress Custom Domain?

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A professional Identity

Getting a personalized URL without ‘WordPress.com’ stuck to it as a tail is called domain mapping. Once you make a small amount of payment of $18 per domain for the domain mapping upgrade, in turn you’ll have a professional identity for your blog that you can call a website after the upgrade. $18 per year is quite reasonable or cheap you could say. Unlike other pricy sites, WordPress charges very reasonably and it also offers you better tools and support so that you don’t face difficulties domain mapping. When you go to upgrade you will see the instructions all written clearly in simple English anybody can read and follow. It is best if you read all of the instructions first or else you will bump into something confusing in your hurry. Take your time to map your domain deciding on an easy to grab name.

A Custom service:

WordPress offers a ‘.com’ domain. When you realize it is high time you get rid of your sub-domain and choose a domain that does your blog justice, you come to setting up a professional URL. A domain easy to grab and ending with ‘.com’ has long time been a universal choice and will remain as ‘.com’ refers to ‘commercial’. Not many prefer a ‘.in’, ‘.uk’ or ‘.org’ domains but there a considerable number of people do not prefer a ‘.com’ and choose some other that the website offers. Well, WordPress offers its’ users the choice of the most used domains and the least used ones to choose from, what you choose is yours and don’t worry if you later feel you are not satisfied with the domain, you can always enjoy the domain mapping task again with much less to pay as you already own a domain. The charges has changed somewhat from what it was a year ago and as time passes it will fluctuate but for now you can get your domain at $18 only for a whole year, no extra charges for services or anything. For ‘.me’ and ‘.co’ domains you have to pay a little more. Once you make the purchase for the upgrade, your blog will have a new identity. You can edit and use it the way you want.

Mapping with WordPress:

Domain mapping with WordPress has a unique advantage. It is something like a free gift that comes along on a home-pack purchase. If you choose to upgrade your blog on WordPress you have the option to map several domain names to one single blog. If you have several sub-domains, you will have to set one of them as primary and all those names will lead to the blog with the primary domain. Don’t worry if you have misspelled while sharing your blog, you should have the misspelled URL on the list that would redirect the user to your blog. Though do not make the mistake of misspelling the primary domain as well or it will unfortunately remain so. Being a little careful with the typos might be good worth considering here. Later if you feel like, you can also transfer your blog out of WordPress.com, which means taking your blog off this site and making it a single website. But that won’t be necessary you will like it very much to stay where it was created.

Using WordPress custom domain can be a little tricky for inexperienced users but if you are ready to take a little trouble to read through the instructions, you will not have much trouble starting off on the first attempt and with a little practice you’re ready to take off on enjoying the website’s amazing features. Customization of Domain is one of most attractive services the site has to offer, it also is a good place where you can learn a lot about the internet world and even though you’ve not been an IT student, being able to design your own website can be quite an achievement. WordPress makes that possible.

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