Why Bluehost hosting is best for the beginners


Starting a Blog is easy and anyone can do that just by putting some effort. We only need a domain name and a hosting provider. There are plenty of free and paid hosting sites out there on web. Not necessarily we have to choose a paid self hosting plan. Though, it is always advisable to go for a reliable self hosting rather than free hosting provider, as because free hosting services have many limitations and drawbacks.


As we need to select the hosting beforehand, so it could be quite a task for beginner to choose from a never ending list. It’s hard to distinguish one from another just looking at the features because almost everyone offers more or less same. The list is full with different features like unlimited web server, unlimited disk space, unlimited band width and many more. As it’s impossible to pick one from many, so we generally tend to go for the cheapest hosting provider for obvious reason to save some money. But as soon as we start using that cheap hosting plan, there comes the problems. Sometimes you might not face the jitter immediately. But when your blog gets old, or you have a security threat or any broken plug-in starts showing its true color, you will literally come to know how cheap hosting plan is killing your blogging career.

So does that mean all cheap web hosting providers are bad?

Not exactly. There are some really fantastic web hosting service companies out there who actually provide excellent service in affordable price. Like I said before, its bit tricky to distinguish them from the lot, if you are unaware of hosting packages and features. Knowing hosting terms, details, functions and what benefits they would bring to your website; will help you to narrow down the list.

Quick check list before choosing a web hosting plan:
  • Reliability
  • Customer support
  • Adequate features like databases, bandwidth and Storage
  • Price
  • Availability of Required Tool

I won’t say many but there are indeed few who definitely have all above mentioned quality. Bluehost hosting  is certainly one of them. It has become sweet heart of over 2 million webmasters because of its amazing performance, features and customer support. In this detailed review I am going to show you why it qualifies for best web hosting service for the beginners and what you would be missing if you don’t go for it.

Why Bluehost hosting is best for the beginners?

Like all other web hosting company, Bluehost also has different hosting plans like shared hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated server hosting and managed WordPress hosting. It is completely understandable, right at the beginning it will be difficult to opt for VPS or WordPress managed hosting as because they are relatively more expensive than shared hosting. But if you could afford few more bucks or you already have a website with decent traffic, go for them. You will see a drastic improvement. For the starters, shared web hosting plan is best with unlimited domain hosting facility.

It offers almost everything which need to host and operate a decent sized website. The reasons which give Bluehost hosting a fair lead from its competitors are:

  • Excellent server performance
  • Helpful support team
  • Trusted by millions
  • Literally 99% server up time
  • Multiple server location
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Useful resources
  • Easy-to-use tool (user interface)
  • Specially optimized WordPress Hosting

Let me take one point at a time and explain in detail that will help you to understand and assess the worth of Bluehost hosting.

Excellent server performance:

One of the main reasons Bluehost hosting gained so much popularity among the webmasters is because of its excellent server performance. If you are operating a small few pages website you may not have any issues. But when your website grows bigger, you’ll start noticing the difference in terms of performance if your webhost is not capable of handling large database. Bluehost has amazing server quality which will take good care of your database and make sure your website run smoothly.

I made a small test by changes one of my client’s website from a local hosting company to Bluehost hosting and seen remarkable improvement in performance. Website started loading faster and significant improvement in some of the keywords ranking. Switching to a better server does make a difference to the website ranking factor.

Helpful support team:

Customer support is another very important thing which plays a crucial role in hosting industry. You will come to  realize the real significance of having a great customer support if your website gets compromised, hacked, you accidentally delete any important elements, you can’t retrieve altered code or your site is been under malware attack.

Regardless whatever issue you have, their customer support team is very prompt to reply. You can reach them via E-mail, website live chat or via Telephone (which I find more convenient if you are having an emergency). Basically they fix issue within hours depending upon degree of the problem.

Their team is very supportive as well. If you are not technically savvy or do not have sufficient knowledge to operate your control panel, they will even guide you or make the necessary changes (if requested) from their part on behalf of you.

Trusted by million:

Having been in business over 11 years, Bluehost has hosted over 2 million satisfied customers’ website, which itself says how extraordinary they are in web hosting industry. A well managed, time tested, affordable hosting company with exceptional service all we need to host our first website.

Literally 99% server up time:

It’s almost impossible to find a hosting who will provide 100% server up time. You can be rest assured, you’d be getting 99% consistent server uptime  from Bluehost hosting without failure.

Multiple server location :

Server location has important role to play to secure higher SERP ranking. If you are operating an online local business then there is no way you can over look the importance of geographical server location factor. Localized server i.e (India) based hosted website always secure better ranking in local search result i.e ( Google.co.in) than US based server.

Here is an example to make things more clear.

Suppose your Screen printing local business is in India at Delhi. You are optimizing your website targeting the keyword ‘screen printing’. People in India use Google.co.in more than Google.com. So, if your server is located in India not in USA, keyword ‘screen printing’ will secure better result in Google.co.in resulting more traffic from search engine.

You can choose your server location at the time of registering in Bluehost. I would suggest you to go for Indian server if majority of your visitors come from India.

Affordable Pricing:


Perhaps the most affordable and competitive hosting plan one could offer along with superb features and tolls package. Bluehost has three different slabs for shared hosting plan. Starter, Plus and Business pro plan. Go for the one which best fits your need and criteria.

Hands down choice would be PLUS plan. Its has almost everything we need including free Global CDN and 1 SpamExpert and $200 Adward credit. Use this link or click on the banner below to get 20% discount of your purchase i.e @4.95/month.

The added benefit you would get a free domain, which costs roughly $10/year.

Useful resources:

Another solid reason to choose Bluehost hosting is unlimited useful resources service. websites, website space, bandwidth, park-able domains, sub domains, email storage and email accounts everything is unlimited. Though they have fair usages limit but that is literally equals to unlimited facility. Trust me, unless you have a gigantic sized website, you will never run short of resources. Only one thing which can be bit tricky and that is CPU usage limit. As it depends on your shared hosting pool account so sometimes you might see its over 30% despite of only few users in site. Service comes handy right here. As I said before they have amazing support system, so,  if requested they will relocate your server to different user pool.

Easy-to-use tool (user interface):

They have clutter free, well designed user interface which is quite easy to handle. They have cPanle which is bar far the most easiest hosting panel out there on web.

Specially optimized WordPress Hosting:

Can you believe it takes only 5 minutes to lunch a new website? Bluehost hosting has made it that simple. After you finish purchasing domain and hosting plan, you can install WordPress blog with ‘one click in WordPress Installation‘.

It takes only 5 minutes to lunch a WordPress blog may not sound that lucrative but a specially WordPress optimized server sounds pretty good to go for Bluehost hosting service.

Over to You:

Being a new blogger our primary look out is to find something cost effective yet reliable. That is what Bluehost hosting is. Best product at the most affordable price. I hope this article will help you to compare Bluehost with our hosting services and will help you to take wise decision to choose your hosting provider.

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