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What is Social Media Marketing? What are the benefits of Social Media Marketing? These are the questions pop up in our mind when we think about social media. As the concept of social media itself covers a lot of space, So it would be bit difficult to put that in one word, but precisely we can say “ When we use different Social Media (Like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube etc.) for marketing purpose in order to gain repeated traffic or attention is called social media marketing (SMM)”. The concept of social media marketing generally centered around the process of procreating and breeding up ‘ CONTENT’ which will be shared among users in different social media platform enabling any organization to achieve its goal by increasing brand exposure and discovering new potential/prospected customer.

The world of social media has grown like anything in last few years. So it is quite obvious that marketing manager and lead planner won’t miss out the opportunity to reach out a large number of people through this hot and happening platform. Traditional Marketing offers the same then why Social media marketing? Answer is simple! As because Social Media Marketing offers much more visibility (in terms of personalized customer service) so there are many companies who’s customer orientation are largely based on internet, prefer to opt for this strategy. Not only that according to a survey which was conducted in 2011 by C.C Business attitude and outlook survey shows more than 70% of small local business & organization have started taking advantages of social media marketing and that percentage has surely shoot up by now. The main essence of social media marketing technology is, it directly connects people through sharing, chatting, discovering, viral video, comments or by simply uploading. Sounds really interesting right! But actually social media marketing has to offer anything good?

Benefits of social media marketing:

The impact of social media marketing could be huge if organization properly figures out its outlook and long time goal. SMM offers multifold benefits. If you still have doubts about its effectiveness then let me give you a small example.

Presidential election 2008 and 2012

Democratic candidate Barak Obama utilized social media as one of his major method of election campaign. And it has been maintained by professionals who were continuously active on different social media (especially on Facebook and Twitter) keeping his profiles updated and interacting with people. They even took the opportunity to launch email marketing procedure which later turned out a great success.

SMM offers different benefits as follows:

  • Cost Effective Method: – Since the invention or rather popularization of social networking sites, marketing strategy has seen a complete revelation through social media marketing. This later turned out to a phenomenon that no marketing agencies can afford to stay out.  The basic reason behind is, its cost effectiveness. Companies can launch its marketing campaign relatively in much lower cost as these social networking platforms are freely accessible.
  • Brand Awareness: – After launching a new website there are 4 prime things one needs to take care of and I have explained that in another post. It helps to create superb brand identity from the very first day. Social media is one such medium which could be used to build small business’s brand awareness.  
  • Help to reach out potential buyers: – Social medias are no doubt great place for advertisement your service or product. Do you know why? Because there are hundreds of daily users and they spend plenty of hours in different Social Medias. Just present them what you have got and you can surely convert some of them to your customer.  
  • Great Place to promote promotional offer: – Have you lunch a new product? Have planned a new promotional offer for your customers in this festive season? Whatever your plan is, Social Medias are great place to promote all your products, services or any specific promotional offer and that too for free!
  • Personalized customer service: – If you are offering web based product or services then there are no better places than Social Medias to provide personalized customer service to your customer. In your official social media sites customer can visit and submit their queries or complain which you could individually answer which would be giving best personalized service.
  • Repeat Exposure: – Social media promotions are extremely cost effective. You can get repeated exposure without spending any extra dime. Build up an audience and keep promoting your product or service without spending money.

Final Note:

Internet marketing has really got a new dimension with increasing number of users in different social media platforms. Internet marketers have started changing their stance and allocate a fair share of their marketing exposure in social Medias. In coming days we even might see internet marketing is largely shifted to social media marketing.


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