Do you know who is stalking you? Track Facebook Profile Visitors


You might have been getting stalked by people for quite a long time in Facebook and you probably have no idea who they are. They might be your secret admirer, may be someone tip-to-toe jealous of you or may be your hot neighbor, you never know! Do you remember, there was an option in ‘Orkut’ where one could enable ‘recent profile visitors’ that would let him know who the last 5 people were visited their profile? You also had the option to disable that feature where neither you could see who visited your profile, nor one could find out whether you visited their profiles or not. That was quite a helpful feature. Have you ever wished, it would have been great if we had something like that here in Facebook. Well, Facebook developers have been adding many new features with every passing day but unfortunately there isn’t any build-in feature provided by Facebook to track Facebook profile visitors.


Over the last few months, it’s been a hot and happening topic and you will find plenty of apps who have been calming they will track Facebook profile visitors and reveal to you. I don’t know how many of them are legit at their business because I am very much cautious to give permission to any third party apps to access some certain features of my profile on behalf of me! Who knows those might be phishing attempts. I don’t want to give my profile away for such silly things. I am sure you neither. So be cautious before permitting any third part unreliable apps.

So does that mean there’s no way we can track Facebook profile visitors? Of course there is. There is a very easy working trick I am going to reveal, which will help you to find out how to track Facebook profile visitors. Just flow the below mentioned steps:

Track Facebook Profile Visitors

Step one: Log in to your Facebook profile.

Step two: Now you need to find the source code of your Facebook profile page. Basically there are two ways to get there. Either right click on any vacant area of the page and go to “view page source” or press “CTRL+U” on your key board. Either way you will land in “page source” which looks exactly like this.

Step three: Now press “CTRL+F” button on keyboard and a search box will appear top right corner of the page on chrome. If you are using Firefox browser, then search box will be on below left corner of the page.

Step Four: Type {“list” in search box and locate the highlighted portion on the page. Just right side of that highlighted part you will see some numbers. Actually those are the profile IDs in ascending order, means the one who visited your profile most recent is on first place and so on.


Final step: It’s all about taking the mask off and revealing who are behind those IDs. Copy any id, for an example “100003101583896″ and go to and paste right after the Facebook domain name like this “” or “”. Hit enter and it will reveal whose profile it is. You can repeat the process by selecting other IDs to see who visited your Facebook profile.

Well, I have made a short YouTube video on how to Track Facebook Profile Visitors. Give a thumbs up if you like it and don’t forget to subscribe our channel.


Reminder:Don’t compromise your security for the sake of curiosity.

I know it’s exciting to know who visited your Facebook profile. But that does not mean you should compromise with your security. I personally would suggest not to use any third party app or download any program. Because that makes you and your other friend’s account vulnerable to phishing attacks.

Wrapping it up:

As I said before, Orkut had this option to view profile visitors, do you think Facebook should also have this built-in feature? If yes, do you think it’s going to affect the way we secretly stalk people?

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