How to make your post look more attractive with style box plugin

You might be offering some great informative text in your blog but if you fail to cater them in a neat and tidy way, it won’t impress your reader too much. A well designed and great styled looking blog will make your reader stick to for longer period of time resulting higher user engagement. Which is great to the road of blogging success. Considering the fact, designing of blog post is an important part of blogging, let’s check out how we can do that. Theme selection do play an important role here. An attractive looking neat and clean theme is always has upper hand than a untidy, hard to navigable theme. So my first suggestion would be choose your theme very wisely. If you find a theme which is magnificently coded but missing some styling element. Don’t worry, As always, plugin will take care of that. Here is a plugin called Style box. This style box plugin is basically designed for Thesis theme  but if you are using any other theme then you should use this style box plugin.

Get this Thesis theme plugin

( Note:- Though this plugin is not updated for more than 2 years but still compatible with current WordPress version (3.5.2. )

How does the effect of WordPress style box plugin look like?

Just like the above heading you can design in many ways. Here’s a list of styles you can juggle with.


How to use style box plugin

After installing the plugin you need to use following codes to get desired result.


Do keep in mind these are the HTML codes, so you should always switch to Text (HTML) editor to get the effects work in.

This plugin does not work automatically. Here is an example how you can do that.

      1. Suppose we are ” highlighting this word
      2. Now go to text editor and add <p class=”note”> highlighting this word</p>
      3. Now publish and you will see the effect
      4. Like this

highlighting this word

Simply this way you can make your post look more attractive. You can even use them on H2 or H3 tags. I hope this small tutorial will help you. Are you using any other plugin? Let us know your experience about the plugin.

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