What is Social Media and its different attributes – Definition and explanation


What is Social Media ?

What is Social Media? Question would be bit tricky for the beginners who are new to the internet world. But if we keep things simple, it will be very easy to understand. We are very much aware of these 2 words ” Social” and ” Media”.  Socializing means ‘relating to society’ and Media is ‘way of what-is-thiscommunication’. So we can put it this way, Social Media is an e-platform, where we communicate, share, exchange thoughts and creation. The term Social Media itself covers a lot of space enabling us to interact with people including celebrities and companies, providing a live news stream which helps to update status to let people know whats happening with one’s life, and many more exciting things. So, if we break it down part-wise that would be easier to understand.

According to the character and operational behavior here is the classification of social Media sites:-

  • Social Networking
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Social News
  • Social Games
  • Social Video and Photo Sharing
  • Blog/Micro-blog
 Social Networking site :- ( Facebook, Hi5, Myspace, Orkut )

It is simply pointless to measure the craze of social networking sites. Because It would be difficult to find out a single soul who does not have any profile in any one of the social networking sites. Basically These are live online  community stream where one could have an free account to update his profile, share thought/ideas/creation, can send friend request to people from around the world.



Social Bookmarking Sites :- ( Diigo, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Del.icio.us


These websites are basically used to interact people by organizing, storing and bookmarking stories/pictures/videos (according to the genre) online which could be visible by other user.


Social News :- ( Digg, Designfloat, Reddit)

Basically these sites are used to highlight major news and voted by other user according to the popularity. Commenting is the prime way to communicate in this platform.


Social Games :- ( Winster, Secondlife )

Would Facebook have been this much popular without Zynga games? It could certainly be a mouth watering topic for the debate lovers. But it’s a proven fact, that all the Zynga social games helped Facebook in a great deal to reach at the top among the social networking sites. Because there are lot of user who visit Facebook daily just to play all those Social Games. This is one of the success story of Social Media invention. Winster and Secondlife offer different type of gaming experience along with socialization. 


Social Video and Photo Sharing :- ( Youtube, Flickr)


Photo courtesy http://www.flickr.com/photos/telezent/2593962047

Feel like sharing your photography or video with the world? Then Youtube and Flickr are the places where one could have an free account to submit those. Youtube is consider one of the most influential social media site because of its versatile content and importance.


 Blog/Micro-blog :- ( Twitter)

Blog is basically an online website/journal. One can simply have any blog about his interest. It enables  communication with other blogger by writing about their blog or directly commenting on their blog. Twitter is one of the most hot and happening site on the web. Almost all the celebrates of the world could be found here.This micro blogging site let people express their ins and out in 140 words.


Here is The complete list of Social Media Sites by it’s Category 

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