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Here are some People’s reaction about social networking sites.

Hay! Me Jennica here! I have profiles in Facebook, Myspace, Hifive! My friend list is so long that i hardly remember half of them! I got so many good friends like Alvito, Mon, Parna here. You know We all are from different part of the world but still the way they talk just like soul mates. And there are guys who are falling head over hills in love with me! And i love that. The great Spanish painter Pablo Picasso has said ” Love is the greatest refreshment in Life”. Fall in love, be in love, It makes life beautiful. I am here to find soul mate!

Hay! I am john. I need to open account in social networking sites to make friends ? No way! C’mon mate! give me a break. I have already got lots of friends. Dating quite long. Then why should i hop in in Facebook for all these? I have better things to do rather then wasting time there!

BTW, why teenagers go crazy for social networking sites? Just to get some friends or fall in love? Not exactly. You can find love here, full time pass but that’s not only the charm. Just like our different liking, there are different types of social networking sites . Listing music, Reading books, Having pets….. You can choose social networking sites according to your liking . let’s see top 12 social networking sites.



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Few years back Social Networking site and Orkut were almost synonymous. It took the cyber relationship to a new level. It was so popular and there was almost no competitor for many years. If you have Gmail account you can directly access and connect to Orkut. Otherwise you can visit to Orkut and open an account. Though Orkut has trying to upgrade and adding new features with every passing day to bring back the old charm among the users but it’s been lagging far behind now a day in comparison to other new interesting sites.


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Undoubtedly one of the most of hot and happening site out there in Internet. Facebook has create a history by adding more then 90 million user. And do keep in mind joining is absolutely free. They made a point and clearly announced ” joining is free and it will be always”. Joining is too easy. Go to and sign up using an existing email. Facebook offers a larger number of application which will just blow your mind along with communicating friends through ‘wall posting’, ‘chat’ or ‘commenting on pictures’. Facebook first gained the popularity though social games like Mafia war, Firm Ville, City Ville. After that popularity just zoomed  high among the users. You can even create new pages ( of your business which can be a great source of advisement), Create a group, Ask Question, Create poll, An event etc. Just keep in mind you can regulate your profile as private or public. privacy factor has been emerging as a problem as some of the user have been taking some undue advantages. 


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Almost all social networking sites have a common format. Its hard myspaceto invent something out of the box. MySpace is leading by quite a margin in this field. You can customize your profile the way  you want. You can announce and let your massage know to all your friend at a time by posting on Bulletin Board. Creating a private group and hanging out with friends is quite fun here. If you use Myspace messenger then you can see all the instant notification of message, Request or comment. Downloading Video and picture is a added benefit here. Along with the you can get all the latest news on MySpace news category. 


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hi5Hi5, name itself is charring a sense on friendship, doesn’t it?  Indeed it is, because this site is “all about friendship”. In this site there are 3 different types on friends. First, second and third degree. If its direct friend then First degree or if its come via media then the grade will go up 2-3. Along with this you can set your profile with pictures, album. You can open and access account here through Facebook as well. But, It will be an unforgettable journey if you know the HTML Coding .


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netlogOne can open account almost in 20 different languages in Netlog. But almost all the languages are europium so, the acceptance of Netlog is vast in Europe countries rather then other part of the world. But as there are so many people who love to engage in a conversation about world politics, its a really nice place for them. By Making overseas friends one can get all the latest news about foreign university through Netlog. Not only that. One can open Blog. You can get all the songs of Beatles , Rihanna, Shania Twain, Eminem, Chris Brown. 


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If you are talking about Social networking site then how can one twitteroverlook Twitter. This is one of the most popular platform among social networking users. Starting from Barak Obama, Bill Gates, Paris Hilton, Messi to King Khan, Sachin Tendulkar almost all the famous celebs are here in 140 words world. Twitter fiver is going on in such a fashion among the celebs they have taken this platform for all the major announcement. Paris and lindsay lohan fighting here on Twitter, Jim Carry has chosen twitter to announce his divorce with his wife Jeny Macarthy! One can open account here with any existing email. Follow anyone you would like to get all the notification of their latest tweet from them. The popularity has gone this far Goole is coming up with their social networking site , .


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Free SMS  plus many games and song download. Wow! Three in one. If you have profile in Ibibo then you can avail all these facility of sending free SMS, playing multiple games and downloading songs. If you start playing Ibibo Firms, Ibibo parking games then it will be hard to get rid of the addiction.