The secret guide of using Google alerts most effectively to track your competitors and more

Google alerts is perhaps the most underused product of Google despite having enormous potential to deliver something really productive and unique. This tool could be highly useful for internet marketer, product owner, blogger, social media expert, and even for a job seeker if used effectively. One can easily keep track of competition, new blog post ideas, branding, new product lunch, traffic, opening for a job and many things. The most fun part of using this tool is, whenever something happen in your niche or whatever you take interest in, it will send a direct notification to your email in real time basics. So not only this tool is useful but also saves valuable time.


Google Alerts

Those who don’t know how to use Google alerts effectively, here’s a detail guide which will help you to unlock all the benefits it has to offer. Just remember this is such a powerful tool. Just use your imagination and you can literally track anything on the web, anything!

Setting up Google Alerts:

  • Navigate to Google alerts
  • Use any Gmail Id you would like to get notification in
  • Insert your desired term such as ‘ SEO plugin’, ‘blog marketing’, ‘your name’ etc.
  • Select email or feed (I would suggest email)
  • Select how often do you want those notifications
  • And finally click ‘create alert’


Create Google Alerts

#1 Monitor your brand and growth:

Regardless you are an internet marketer, product owner, social media expert or blogger, creating an online reputation is extremely crucial for getting success. Google alerts is the best medium to monitor how you, your product or your brand is doing.

If you set an alert with your name or your product name, you will get notified every time someone mentioned it on web. You can at least get an idea and compare your growth in time frame basic. Additionally, you can contact and request webmaster to link back if they mentioned you without link. Monitoring with link building opportunity, Isn’t it cool?

This is how you can set alerts to monitor your brand and growth:

  • yourwebsitename.coom
  • Your product name
  • Your first name and last name ( Saikat Hazra)
  • Your name without space (Saikathazra)

#2 Track your competitors:

Once you start monitoring your brand it’s time to keep an eye on your competitors. It shouldn’t be that much difficult for you to figure out who are your competitors in the industry. Make a list of your competitors and set alerts on them. So whenever there is any activity in your niche, you get notified immediately. You should take the early opportunity of this facility and work your way out to leverage your competition.

For an instance,

You own a SEO tool named ‘XYZ back link checker’. By setting Google alerts you can easily track down as soon as a new competitive product launch in the market.

After analyzing the pros and cons of your competition, you can amend your product feature to keep intact your feasibility among the customers.

#3 Discover Back link opportunity:

Back links are absolutely important for SEO perspective. There are many legit ways we can build quality back links and commenting on blog post is one of them. Along with a link it also helps us to gain authority in blogospheres, targeted traffic and relationship with other blogger. With the help of Google Alerts we can take the advantage of blog commenting to another level. There are some WordPress blogs which have Keywordluv  or commentluv plugins enabled. One can include Keyword based anchor text in the comment and the most beneficial part is, it automatically adds a back link to your latest post!

As I said before blog commenting has many benefits but if you comment on these blogs, you can nail it to the perfection by availing the heights benefits it has to offer.

If you are wondering how to find out these blog; let me tell you, with a right Google Alerts set up you can easily find those blogs.

Step one: Select and make a list of the keywords you want to target. Let’s take examples ‘iPhone 6S’ and ‘Inbound marketing’

Step two: Set alert like

iPhone 6S +”CommentLuv enabled”

Inbound marketing +”CommentLuv enabled”

#4 Monitor site security:

Website hacking could be a nightmare for anyone. Sometime there could be a possibility that your site may get hacked and you don’t even know unless you get penalized by Google. Penalization means Google delists your site from SERP or your Adsense account gets banned because hacker secretly injected ‘Google terms and condition violating’ links in your blog footer or somewhere in your site.

Dang! Years of your hard work can drain in moment.

Google Alerts could be a life saver in this scenario. You can monitor any that kind of suspicious activity and take action before it’s too late.

In order to find out whether there is any bad link added to your blog, set alert on:

“Site: Viagra or Poker or Casino or Botox or Pharmacy or porn or XXX or roulette or Gambling or F*cuk or”

You can check Google’s ‘ban word’ and set alert on them against your domain name.

#5 Find guest post opportunities:

Though guest post has lost it charm since Google has announced it will have less to none influence on building backlink anymore but still in order to build authority and establish yourself as an influencer in your niche, there is no alternative of guest blog posting.

Blog which accepts guest post creates a page describing rules and requirements of submitting guest post on that blog. You can use Google alerts to find out these blogs.

Set alerts as:

  • “Guest post” Your keyword
  • “Write for us” Your keyword
  • “Guest blogger” Your keyword
  • “Become an author” your keyword

#6 Finding Coupon codes, Promotions and Discounts:

As of now whatever use of Google Alerts I’ve mentioned are kind of information gathering but it could be used as a great bargain hunting tool as well. Are you looking for discounts, coupon code or any limited time flash sale for a particular product? Set Google alerts on fire and you will get notified as soon as they hit on web.

Ignite your imagination:

I hope now you understand how Google alerts works. It’s very powerful tools if used correctly. Whatever examples I have given are just tip of the iceberg. Sit back, ignite your imagination and you could come up with plenty of other ways that may help your business or website.  Keep tweaking keywords and it could works wonders for you.

Personally Google Alert helped me to earn few thousand bucks. If you are wondering let me tell you. I have set different hosting flash sales offer on Google alert so whenever there is a new flash sale on board, I grab them immediately and later sale them to my customers at usual rate! Last time I got Hostgator 75% flash sale!

Over to you: Do you use Google alerts? If yes, how?

Well I know people they use Google alerts on different ways. Do you use any special strategy? What kind of combination and for what reason you use Google Alerts?


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