How to remove URL from Google index using Google Webmaster tool


When I started my blog about a year ago I didn’t have any plan to take it as profession. Being a new blogger I had neither any clue about niche nor SEO. I

Google-webmaster-toolbought this domain keeping in mind to blog about social media, social media marketing but instead I used to post about how to choose a new car to buy or Stun Gun- best self defense weapon!

Later I learnt what are the things we need to do to make a blog successful and realized I made a complete mess by posting all those garbage’s. When I did, I was in desperate need to get rid of them.

I deleted the posts which I found had nothing to do with my niche but surprisingly I noticed they still appear in Google search result and when clicked returning 404 error! I logged into my Webmaster tool to cross check and seen Crawl errors page is brimming with 404 errors.

So there I was, looking for the process how to remove deleted blog post URL from Google search result.

I used Google webmaster tool and it worked like charm. Here I am going to show you (with screen shots) what I exactly did to remove URL from Google index using Google Webmaster tool.

Before starting make sure you delete the post/link you want to delist from Google Index


1.  Log in to your web master tool account.

2.  Select the blog or website of which you want to remove URL from Google index. Make sure you choose the right one if you have multiple blog registered in that web master tool account.

3.  Select ‘Google Index’>’Remove URL’ from the left hand side menu.



4. Now click on Create a ‘new removal request’ under ‘Remove URL’.

5.  A small pop-up window will appear, in which enter the desired URL you would like to remove from Google Index. Example – Then click on continue button.

Link URL is case sensitive

6. On the next page you will be given 3 options to choose from. Depending on your situation you should select the one best servers your needs. As I’m going to remove a particular deleted post URL, so I choose ‘Remove page from search result and cache’. If you want to delete a directory link then  you should select the ‘Remove directory’ option. Then click on ‘Submit request’ button.


7. It will show ‘pending status’ that the removal request has been received. In couple of hours time the URL will be removed from Google search Index.

If you need to remove multiple URls, you can repeat the process one after another.

I hope the guide will help you to get rid of the unwanted URL and you can easily remove URL from Google index using Google Webmaster Tools. You can subscribe our  SocialNetworkingking feed for more guide like this.



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