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As I promised in my Earning Diary that I will show you different earning hacks which I have learned over the years, so here I am with my first earning idea which will help you to take your first baby steps towards online earning from home. These guides will not only give you the name of the websites and how they work but also every ins and outs detail, mechanism, pros, cons, do’s don’ts, tricks, which will help you to maximize your earning potential. Before starting let me give the straight forward answer.

Can I really earn money on Internet?

Probably this is the question which popped up in your mind several times while surfing on web and the answer is YES! Hell yes. There are plenty of opportunities here in web which can earn you decent amount of money and all you need to do is to find out the reliable sources.  Though it could be bit tricky for the beginners to find out the legit online income sources as because it’s like “finding a needle in haystack”.

Along with many good income opportunities there are some fake websites which will try to lure you with extravaganza income possibility advertisement which are basically a trap to eat up your money or time. In order to stay away from them you need to stay cautious and think rationally.

What is?

Well, enough enlightenment for the time being let us take our first step towards the ‘earning lane’ with Microworkers is a crowd based work platform where a job provider gets his work done by distributed, elastic set of workers from around the world in exchange for money.Make-money-with-Microworkers

Let me explain it to make things more clear to you.

Crowd based work platforms like Microworkers basically work like an umbrella (mediator). Who gives the platform where providers (who provide work opportunities) post their job with details, requirements and Workers (who do work for money) finish listed jobs which they are qualified and capable of in exchange for money.


 Why Microworkers?

This website is for everyone regardless you are a naïve, skilled or unskilled worker. There are jobs for you. Unlike Freelancing sites you don’t need to bid and win a job to do or show your skill beforehand in order to be eligible. One can start working right away after registration is finished.

Without wasting more time lets register in

Go to


Populate all the boxes with proper details and hit submit button. Please be careful at the time of selecting ‘country of residence’. If you make any mistake it will be bit dicey to verify our account later.

They send a verification email. You need to go to your provided email account and click the verification link to complete the registration process.

Once you are done, login to your account and you can see number of jobs availability with respective remunerations and different other tabs.


Make Money with Microworkers

Microworkers offers a wide range of jobs which are basically based on Link building, promotions, advertisement, software testing, article writing and marketing. These jobs are practically very easy and do not require any specific professional skill to complete. Let me take you through a brief journey to how to do jobs in microworkers.

On the listed job segment you can see the job titles and that  almost nearly state what kind of job is that all about.

Examples :

1) “Road to success JPG: Sign up” Means you just need to complete a simple sign up process.

2) “Facebook Like + Post Mycomms” Means you are asked to like a Facebook Page and post that on your Facebook Profile Timeline which roughly take less than a minute to complete.

Choose and click any job from the list you feel like you can do and you’ll be redirected to that job detail page. Its looks like this:



Let’s see how to complete this job.

Well, On the title it says ” Facebook Vote: Photo” which denotes you need to like/vote a picture on Facebook.

Out of 1374 job slots 1180 is already done and one will get $0.10 on completion.

Below you can see the instruction box on which it’s been given what exactly one needs to do to complete this task successfully. I would like to suggest you to give some extra attention to read the instruction carefully until you completely understand what employer is expecting from you.

Now just simply follow the instruction steps. Go to the given link and click on like button. Once the picture loads click on “Vote” button.

Another important step to complete now. You need to submit proofs that you actually completed the steps which you have been asked.

Once you accept the job a box will appear below in which you need to give your proofs.

1. Write your Facebook display name

2. After you click on ‘vote’ button generally it turns into ‘voted’.


  1. Do not ever submit any false proof. If you are unable to complete any job due to whatever reason just simply skip that job and look for something else.
  2. Submit all the proofs. If you are asked to submit 3 proofs. Submit all of them by giving respective numbers 1, 2 and 3. Don’t just submit 1 or your work might get rejected.
  3. Sometimes it happens that due to any temporary bug you might not get any particular proof. Instead of skipping the job you can explain the bug in detail and submit. Most of the employer appreciate feedback. But please be careful on this. Some employers are ‘lousy’ and go happy rejecting whenever they see anything else than required proof.

Well here are videos which will help you to make money with Microworkers. In these videos I have tried to cover how to accept a job, what are the things you need to look on before start doing any job, how to complete a job, how to submit complain if your job gets wrongly rejected, etc.

In Bengali in a nutshell:

Registration – Free

Registration limit – One account allowed Per IP address.

Allowed country – Worldwide

Have been online since – 2009

Basic Job nature – Micro Jobs

Survey job – Not allowed

Deposit allowed through- Credit Card, Moneybookers, Dwolla.

Earning Potential – USD 100-400/Pm (Depend upon your engagement and can be much more if you are from UK, US, Canada).

Earning threshold – $9.00 + fee (7.50% for PayPal. 6.50% for Moneybookers and DWolla).

Withdrawal criteria – Need to verify our country of residence in order to make first withdrawal request. They send a PIN CODE  by a physical mail to workers resident address which they need to verify account. It takes 15-21 days to get the email after they dispatch.

Payment release – Basically Twice a week (Monday and Thursday).

Jobs availability – 24*7

Job limits – Unlimited but based on temporary success rate.

Job nature – First come first come basis.

Particular job quantity- Varies (start from 30).

Job types- Different

Special features – HG (Hire Group) Jobs where employer get to select his own set of workers.

Things to keep in mind

  • During the registration process carefully fill up your Full name and country of residence. Once registered there is no option in account settings to change it later. One can mail them requesting changes but their feedback service sucks big time.
  • Microworkers only allow one account per IP address. Do not try to open more than one account that will lead to  permanent termination of both accounts forfeiting your existing account balance and IP ban.
  • Always  submit the required proof which have been asked to you. If the employer wants 3 of them. Don’t just give 1 and submit.
  • There are some horrible employers who tend to rate works as ‘Not Satisfied‘ in spite of  they were done correctly. If you believe you have been unethically rejected by one of those requesters, you can chase them down. Open that particular job you believe was wrongly rejected from ‘tasks I finished’ tab> click on job detail (which can be found extreme right side of that job) > Once the pop up window appear containing job details click on ‘Submit a Complain’ link > State the reason and submit the complain. Microworkers support team will review the complain and mark it as ‘satisfied’. But be careful before raising finger to someone. Microworkers do ban workers who submit fake complains.

Closing note: 

I suggest almost everyone to do some works in microjob sites at the early phase of online earning career . The main reason behind it, once you spend few months there, you get to know so many things which help in long run while diversifying your earning sources.

In my next article I will try to share some hidden tricks which will help you to catch almost every jobs which is introduced to the system before they appear to anyone else. Thus, you will get an extra mileage in terms of time to hop in and seal the deed.

I tried to cover almost everything in terms of mechanism, how to make money with Microworkers along with how it works. I hope it was helpful for you. If you have any query  regarding the mechanism or how to complete any particular job in microworkers feel free to ask in comment section.

If you thing this article is worth sharing with friends or with your reader please do. I will really appreciate that.


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