How to make money online” This is undoubtedly one of the most searched keyword on internet. Every 3 out of 5 people want to know, is there any possible way to make money using internet? And for that they do all possible crazy stuff to make a dime. Well! Most people abundant their aspiration of making money online before even they begin. Sad but true. Because either they fail to find a proper guidance or a reliable source to work in, despite of putting a hell lot of effort in searching. Some of them are fortunate enough to find their way to an earning website but give up in the middle either due to lack of knowledge or failing to fit in the system. You would be totally surprised to know that there are many people who came to this conclusion; “there is no such thing like legit online work. The idea of home base freelancing job is completely fake, worthless, flawed and the agenda of making money from home can never be accomplished”!


Do you know what made them to come to this conclusion?

Well, they might get hit any of the reasons mentioned below:

1. They have been scammed by a website which lured them by making offer like “earn $50,000/month just spending 2 hours in a day”.

2. Believed an advertisement like “Invest $1000 and get 5% daily interest on your investment”

3. Worked their heart out about a month for a lucrative remuneration and end up getting nothing or being scammed by them etc.

Well, the fact is, almost 90% of the website present here in internet which offer opportunity to make money are fake including PTC*, PTR*, HYPE. They don’t worth your precious time. (Stay away from them)

You might be wondering by now why am I giving so much lecture on fake websites whereas this post is suppose to give you the magic key to online earning treasure. Well! This is just because I want to make sure you do not repeat the same mistake like most people do while choosing an earning website or online work.

Now the question is how to figure out which website is legit and which one is fraud?

You don’t need to do any brain storming for that. Just;

  • Do a little bit back ground research about the website before jumping in.
  • Think rationally! That’s it.

I know it sounds easier than done. Most of the newbie find it extremely difficult to do so. This is why I am presenting this earning manual for those aspirants who want to make money online working from home.

What you would be getting in this earning manual?

Apart from names of the legit websites in which I myself have been working for years:

  • Detail analysis of the website.
  • Earning potential.
  • How to manual.
  • Job nature and explanation.
  • Tips and tricks to maximize earning by putting minimal effort.
  • Video training manual where required ( you can even request for any particular video).

But before starting, one thing you really need to keep in mind that these are not “get rich programs”. Don’t expect to be rich overnight or make thousands of dollars per month by just working few hours a day. You really need to work your heart out. I am sorry, there’s no alternatives of hard work here.

You may want to know what the potential is or how much money you can earn per month:

Well! The potential is enormous. I remember when I first started 5-6 years back I had real tough time to make a dollar/day. Now I make about $5-10/Hour, $1200-1500/month excluding blogging and affiliated income (which are the major source of my online earning). Although you need to consider the fact it requires dedication, hard work, patience and some certain knowledge which you will gather slowly.

What are the things you need to know in order to be qualified for any job?

Well! Like real life this virtual world also offers different kind of diversified work.

According to the jobs nature it could easily be divided in three parts.

  1. Unskilled job ( if you know how to use internet then you are already qualified).
  2. Semi Skilled to Skilled job.
  3. Strictly technical.

There are some works which required some particular professional skill which could be developed by putting some extra effort or by taking professional training. I will explain them in detail where needed.


  • These are Gigs, Jobs, projects and Micro jobs ( You work and get paid for that, simple)
  • No joining fee, anywhere. ( Some of the websites will charge a certain % of your earning as transfer fee, processing charge or service charge at the time of withdrawal)
  • You don’t need to drag people to stand behind you in queue. These are not MLM system. But some of them are affiliated programs. In lay man’s word, you would be working like an agent of those companies who offer affiliated program to promote their service.
  • In most of the cases there will be a certain threshold amount of money one needs to have in his account (say $10, $50 or $100) to make the withdrawal request.

The next obvious question which is going to pop-up in your mind has to be : how do I get paid?

Most of the websites pay their workers thorough Internet payment gateway system such as PayPal, Liberty Reserve, Moneybookers/Skrill, Alertpay/Payza etc. These Internet payment gateway systems work like a medium between your bank and the website. It collects the cash from the websites and transfers to your bank which you need to add at the time of opening the account. Account opening is totally free but they charge a nominal amount while transferring money to your bank account. There is no fixed rules, it varies system to system.

Learn: How to choose and open a PayPal account.

The silver lining fact about making money online:

Have you heard the names of Google, Amazon, and Yahoo? Who haven’t?

I am certain, you have!

In terms of making profit they are one of the leading companies in the world. The model of their business is completely based on internet only, nothing else. Google reported their last quarter earnings were $15.96 billion!

Do you know what the most surprising fact of their earning is?

Well! This is only 33% of their total earning excluding expenses!

True! Because other 67% of the revenue they transfer to the advertisers (know as publishers) who display Google adds on their website, blog, forum etc.

I know you are good in adding numbers and can easily figure out how much money they are passing to people like you and me! Yes the opportunity is that big.

A particular website can be fake, a particular community can be fake but a total industry can’t be! All you need to do is believe and have an unprecedented urge to be successful making money online.

Be prepared, you are about to witness an amazing journey ahead.

I will keep on adding earning opportunities in this manual; keep visiting for new earning ideas.


Make money Online:

Chapter -1

A) The “tiny bitty kitty filler” – Make your first move with trusted Pioneer.

B) Yes, money is coming in! Show how can I maximize my earning in

C) Video Tutorial (Basic understanding of


Chapter – 2

A) The real treasure found – Mturk ( Amazon Mechanical Turk) (coming soon)

B) So many jobs available. I’m confused what to start with. Please provide a beginner guide.

C) The magic qualification – Road towards mastery.


Chapter -3

A) Make money with Web Hosting affiliate – A beginner’s guide.




Over to you: 

As I said before it is very important to stay focused and motivated to make money online. Because almost all the programs mentioned here are not one day money making stuff. You need to give sufficient time, think rationally and work hard to start this process of making money. If you survive the initial storm, trust me, this journey has lots more to offer. You will see there are numbers of legit programs out there and you won’t have sufficient time to afford to go after everything. You will have to choose and prioritize programs among them which are more lucrative. Just give it sometime and work hard and see the magic. All the very best.

By the way, if you need any clarification about any particular program, mechanism or any detail tutorial or video, please do not forget to ask in the comment section. It would be my pleasure to clear things up.