Challenge accepted: 20k Alexa traffic rank in 2 months time

How it all started:

Well! Few days back I was discussing with one of my Blogger friend about website traffic, its impact and procedure of driving traffic to website. I told him, if someone is dedicated enough and focused to build his blogging carrier then he can certainly make his blog successful in 2-3 months time. It is not that much difficult to drive decent amount traffic to your blog even though you are relatively a new blogger. Further I added; one can even drastically increase Alexa rank in quick times. He contradicted saying 2-3 months is too little time to do that. I said, well, let me do it myself and then again we will talk about it after 3 months.”



I know how hard it feels being a new blogger. You are aware of the fact that you need to know so many things but do not have any clue where to start with.

Pretty frustrating, right?

Well, you can find a plenty of articles in internet describing; how to increase Alexa rank, how to drive enormous traffic to your blog, how to make your blog successful, how to make money from blog, taking blogging as profession or how they made it. Sounds pretty simple huh! But when you start to do it, here comes the problem. Things are all quite jumbled up and you have no idea whatsoever where to put the first step! I guarantee you; this article will come handy right there.

View is always clear when you are at the top of the mountain”. Journey is altogether a different story!”

Isn’t it?

So I thought instead of creating another “how to do it” post, why not to come down to the base level and start the journey from there? So I thought let me do it and show, how it should be done. So here I am. Challenge accepted “Journey towards 30k Alexa traffic ranking in 2 months”. Below mentioned everything I am going to do in next 2 months to drag my Alexa ranking down to below 30,000.

This post is mainly designed to focus on “how to increase Alexa traffic rank quickly” but if you follow the entire guideline and act on accordingly, you will not only increase alexa rank but also be able to build a solid foundation which will help you to take your blog to the next level.

Is Alexa traffic ranking that much important?

You might be thinking why giving so much important to Alexa ranking, considering the fact this ranking algorithm is manipulated to some extent? Let me explain. It’s not about alexa ranking only, everything is co-related here. Like, you can’t risk taking up blogging as a profession unless you have fairly larger number of visitors. You won’t be able to drive traffic in your blog without blog promotion. Blog promotion can only be successful when you able to implement solid link building strategy. Link building process becomes effective if you know how Search engine optimization (SEO) works. SEO is useless without great blog content. And finally, what’s the benefit of having great website content if no one’s there to appreciate? It is simply not a sign of Successful blog. So, the main point is, Blogging is a complete process. You cannot emphasis on any particular thing neglecting others. One thing is pretty clear, “a blog cannot be considered as successful without decent number of visitors”. Successful Blog = Money =>Then only it can be considered as full time profession.

To achieve the goal i.e  30k alexa traffic rank in 3 months we need a structural plan and right implementation of the required process. Here I will divide the journey in different parts. We will priorities the work according to the plan and time .Considering the fact this blog post is mainly created for newbie, so I will try to provide every possible detail along with step by step guide.

Well, a small reminder. It’s a BIG process. Don’t get stressed. Take a deep breath, relax and do keep in mind, the agenda should be, one thing at a time.

Happy Journey!

Let’s check where I stand right now: (as on 25.11.2014)


My current stats:-

  • Alexa rank = 6,140,215
  • 598 unique visitors ( Monthly)
  • Page Views 1743
  • Bounce Rate 64.55% ( which is undoubtedly quite high)
  • Exit 19.96%
  • 20+ post
  • 3 Pages
  • 7 Back links
  • 5 Approved comments


1. Map your mind, mind your business:

The first and foremost thing you need to make sure is that you are mentally fit to the system. Blogging required sufficient time, devotion and engagement. You cannot afford to be on and off every now and then. You need to act like a parent. If you don’t take proper care of your children than required, you surely risk up things a lot. This may lead to a spoiled brat. A parent can still hope their child may not turned up the way they feared but rest assured, if you fail to take good care of your blog,  be ready for certain negative result. There is no magic way to be successful in blogging world. If you desire to achieve something, you should surely postpone some of your fun stuffs for coming years.

Quick check list to work effectively:

  • Take a look at your DAILY schedule.
  • Any habit killing your time, kill that habit.
  • Make a routine and work according to it.

2. Check your primary blog set up:

I guess you are mentally totally prepared. I am giving so much importance to “mental preparation” because without it, it’s next to impossible to be successful in the long haul. I have seen so many people give up in the middle just because of unawareness and lack of discipline. Never mind, it was just a wake up call even before you went to sleep.

Primary blog set up plays an important role. Think your blog like a shop. If it does not have the required elements, most certainly it will hinder your progress. Let’s check it whether everything is in place or not. If it lacks anything, arrange.

  • Make sure basic elements (reliable hosting, premium theme) and settings i.e. site configuration (Rss Feed, Google Analytics and required Plugins) are in right place.
  • Add Alexa Rank Widget for your Website.
  • Start selling your brand from the word goes. Add a favicon and a logo.
  • Create Facebook, twitter, linkedin, Pinterest and all other leading social networking accounts.
  • Add google author mark up. It will not only help you to secure higher SERP (search engine ranking position) but will also create your own brand identity. ( update: Google no longer shows author markup on search result anymore).
  • Create about and contact us page. (readers love to know “who you are, where are you from and what you do”).


3. Secondary blog set up and presentation:

Once you have the primary setting in place, now it’s time to move further ahead by infusing and catering quality content in your blog. This part would be more critical than the prior one because it includes creating an environment for better reader experience to presenting article in such a manner that makes reader to stick to your blog without letting them to bounce off. Increasing website traffic does not only mean targeting new visitors all the time, building a loyal reader group also help in a great deal, because they keep coming back whenever you publish a new content.

A) Content, content and more quality content:

There is no denial of the fact without quality content, there is no way one can make his blog successful or increase Alexa ranking. Readers may come to the blog following the link you may have built across the web but they won’t mind leaving within a second without great blog content. Blogging is all about writing you heart out.

B) Most important practice – Post as frequent as possible:

This is the most crucial and ultimate deciding factor (if not the only) of traffic ranking algorithm. If you able to post relevant article to your niche daily, trust me you are already half-way-through to your destination. All major search engines love fresh relevant content. The more frequent content you infuse to the system, better the chances of securing higher SERP for different keywords. Search engine is the major source of blog traffic. Help search engines to crawl your site one two times daily by posting quality content. You will witness more visitors are crawling back to your blog through search engines.

One more wake up call:

As a new blogger, almost everyone makes the mistake of choosing a hot and happening niche they are not comfortable with. That makes them land in a fairly difficult situation, resulting poor quality content production. So, it is always a prudent act to choose a niche on which you can write 100 articles with a little research. That not only save some precious time but also significantly improves the content quality. And we all know “content is the queen bee”. Produce quality content in regular basis, rest everything will fall in place.


c) Build an environment for better reading (user) experience:

A clutter free, easily navigate-able site structure is the prime thing you should have in your blog to ensure better user experience. With great content and clean site structure you can drastically reduce pogo-sticking rates and with relevant internal article linking strategy you can make sure lower bounce rate. Low Pogo-sticking and bounce rate signifies visitors are not getting back to search engine again by being unsatisfied or without navigating to other blog post or interacting with it. By successfully handling these two major issues, you can ensure enhancement of blog ridership, the evergreen way to build blog traffic.

d) Everybody loves it fast- Reduce blog loading time.

For a user perspective, blog loading time has a massive roll to play. Nobody likes a slow loading blog. According to a study based infographic by KISSMetrics, almost 40% of the user leaves the blog before even looking at the content, if it takes 3 or more than 3 seconds to load. Besides that, a slow site speed can be one of the reasons which will not let your blog perform well in SERP. Site loading speed is one of the ranking algorithm factors (it has tiny weighed) and Google directly takes it into consideration while calculating. Regardless how little weighted it has got on ranking factor, still cannot be over looked.

Quick check list for page speed improvement:

  • Use a cache plugin (w3 total cache recommended).
  • Don’t use too many plugins especially which are not indispensable.
  • Use a Content delivery network (CDN). MAXCDN is by far the best in the industry.
  • Optimize image with Plugins.
  • Use Framework like Genesis, Thesis or a Clutter free well coded theme like Mythemeshop themes. 

You can check your site’s overall speed status in Pingdom, GTmetrix or in Google’s PageSpeed Insights. They also find which areas have scopes for improvement and suggest the procedure for better optimization of your website.


e) Use the Power of On-page SEO:

SEO does not need any introduction and we all are aware of the fact why it is so important for any website. Blog promotion such as social media marketing, CPC adds etc. may drive decent traffic to website but it is temporary and only lasts during the promotional period. Whereas, a structured search engine optimization brings organic traffic to website on recurring basis for longer period of time.

The process of white hat search engine optimization is vast and it takes time. It is mainly divided into 2 parts, on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Building a solid SEO optimized site starts with the process of on-page SEO which is basically designing and presenting articles in search engine friendly way.

On-page SEO best practice: A quick check list

  • Before start writing an article, decide a keyword.
  • Use that keyword in page Title (if possible use at the beginning).
  • Use keyword in permalink.
  • Use keyword In first paragraph (within 100 words recommended).
  • Maintain the keyword density 1-3% in the article. Be careful not to end up with keyword stuffing. Use them naturally.
  • Include a relevant outgoing link in the article.
  • Use an Image.
  • Don’t forget to use ALT tags in image.
  • Use keyword in any subheadings i.e H2, H3, H4.
  • Use keyword in Meta description.

The best way to check whether the page is rightly optimized or not to use a plugin called WordPress SEO by Yoast.

Learn – On page SEO best practice for beginners

4. Let people know you have something great to offer: Promote to the core:

Note: The ultimate deciding factor to increase alexa ranking in quick time!

Once you have some great contents in an attractive package, it’s time to hit the market to make the most out of it. Remember, this is one the most curtail parts and needs repetitive attention from your side if you want to increase alexa rank fast.

Digital marketing works in a bit different way than formal physical marketing. Until and unless you compel people to look at your product they will never pay attention regardless how supreme your product is. So it requires a structured plan and diversified execution to a make noticeable mark in the industry. Let’s see how we can do it.


I) Harness the power of Social Media:

The marketing nature of digital media has changed upside down since the flourish of Social media. Enormous outreach possibility to millions without spending a dime -This is how lucrative social media marketing is. Can you imagine, being the number 2 most visited website in the world, how much free or paid marketing opportunity Facebook offers?


Now think about the combination of rest other renowned social media! Wooho! Surely that can be a stunning formation which has power to exploit massive traffic to your website.

Well, due to high user engagement and availability of CTR calculation stat, it has become preferred advertisement destination for many. And the most interesting part is, you don’t even need to go for paid advertisement. Just be proactive to utilize the entire opportunity it has to offer which will eventually form a swarm of traffic to your website.

a) Create account in all leading social networking sites. Next thing you need to make sure is, instead of jump start (create account and publish post) invest some quality time to give your profiles a professional look. Up-to-date account profiles with proper info, Cover/background picture, header or profile picture, about, contact, website etc. everything must be there from the word go which will eventually help you to create your own blog brand identity.

A professional looking well maintained profile covers much more ground to make users getting engaged (or click) with your shared links/content than a simple profile. This is the prime tactic to increase social media conversation rates alongside posting visually attractive share-able content.

B) Create a social media marketing strategy depending on your nature of blog/niche.

You need to prioritize your social media presence to extract maximum possible outcome. Here are some things which will help you to decide in which social media you should concentrate most:

  • Figure out what is the main form of your blog content. Kind of content you mostly produce like, textual, video, info graphic, Image.
  • If you have video based content then concentrate your social presence mostly in YouTube. Undisputed #1 since its incorporation. Apart from that, you can approach to Vine or Dailymotion.
  • Leading micro blogging platform Twitter is best for sharing textual content. This less conservative ‘140 words world’ platform is best place to go viral with creative content.
  • Creating own brand identity plus making user engaged plus to get maximum exposure of your info image based content, there is no better place than Facebook, the leading social media site in the world.
  • For business professional and business related context LinkedIn is best.
  • If you are operating an image based website then put ‘your maximum egg’ in Pinterest to drive traffic in your website. Though don’t forget Instagram.
  • StumbleUpon and Reddit are other two reputed social media platforms you can use for sharing facts, humor, and thoughts.

Once you have your profiles ready make the most of them by sharing each and every contents of your blog. Engage to your reader by replying, commenting or even asking questions about the blog or what they would like to see in it.

Every now and then sharing blog post on social medias could be time consuming. You can use a services like Social or Buffer to automated posting on different social media like Facebook, Twitter or Google plus.


II) Encourage your reader to share content:

Try to place social share bar or button at multiple places in your blog post, especially for those are quite long. Right at the beginning or end of the post are two most preferable places alongside a moving yet hide-able sidebar like Digg Digg social share plugin.

Every single share by readers lets you reach and penetrate a new group of audience, which creates the opportunity to bring fresh visitors to your blog post.

Do keep in mind, don’t go overboard while placing share bar or buttons that can annoy your reader.

III) Make the most of Blogging communities:

Blogging communities are social platforms exclusive for bloggers. Where you can directly interact and communicate with other bloggers. But the best benefit you can make out of it is, driving a reasonable traffic to your blog that can help to increase alexa rank in very quick time.

If you are not sure how blogging communities work, then let me tell you, they let you publish your direct individual blog post in their system interface from where other community members can access or interact with you. Either way you end up getting a new visitor to your blog. It’s like direct promotion of your blog post to thousand potential readers. This is why, it is undoubtedly a surefire way to drive traffic to website.

Some of the renown Blogging Communities are:

Read the below mentioned post where I have explained how effectively one can use Blogging community to increase website traffic.


  • How to use 11 Blogging communities to drive massive traffic to your blog
  • How to get a premium Blog Engage account
  • Blogging community Vs social media – Which one is more effective in driving traffic from a blogger’s perspective

IV) Be a shameless Bragger on popular Facebook Pages & Groups:

Caution: Do not spam.

You can target to promote your blog post on Facebook Groups and pages which have huge fans. If you do it right, there is a possibility to convert many of them to your visitors.

How to do it?

A) Log in to your Facebook account and search for the groups and pages on your niche.

B) Choose and select groups and pages which have 1000+ users and find out whether users are allowed to share link/content or not. Some of them don’t allow. Select the ones which do and become a member/fan.

C) Be active on those groups or pages and try to help out other users with their quarries. When you gain authority, now it’s time to promote.

C) Try to produce a satirical or eye-catchy or controversial or inquisitive post title. Now post that ‘newly made title’ in groups and pages without sounding obvious self promotion.

By this way you can actually hack established pages’ or groups’ audience and add them in our own list.

V) Make a video presentation of your blog post and target a complete different audience:

This could be beneficial in 2 ways. First, integration of a YouTube video in blog post helps to secure higher position in search engine ranking. Secondly, by making a YouTube video one can reach out a complete different market segment of million prospected visitors.

So, if possible produce a video of your blog post/tutorial and submit to video sites to give your promotion a new dimension.

VI) Use every leading Social Bookmarking site:

The concept of Bookmarking was first introduced to save a webpage online for future reference but later it turned out a great way to gain SEO benefits along with drive traffic. Use all related tag and keyword while bookmarking that can make a way of good incoming web traffic.

Resource: Top 200 Dofollow Social Bookmarking Site List

5. The bilateral way of Blog promotion and link building at the same time:

Blog promotion and link building both are integral part of blogging activity. If blog promotion gives the initial thrust to drive traffic to website than quality link building assures traffic comes to website for longer period of time through search engines and other mediums.

Do you know there are some amazing ways which can give us the opportunity to avail both benefits at the same time? Let me list them for you.

Blog commenting:

The manual blog commenting on other blogs is a tedious process. But you would be overwhelmed to know, commenting on same blog niche will help you to build strategic relationship with other bloggers, gain quality back link, and by dropping relevant link of your blog post, you can influence and drive great amount of traffic from already established blog on your niche.

Try to target high authoritative, influential blog in your niche. Leave a great, lengthy, valued and insightful though about the blog topic which will eventually get noticed by thousand of their existing blog readers, resulting incoming blog traffic.

Learn: Blog Commenting strategy, benefits it offers and best practice to follow.

Guest post:

On January this year Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Webspam team has announced “the decay and spammy use of guest blogging“. He clarified by giving explanation most of the users are going overboard with guest blogging to get more back links which Google has started treating as spamm.

He gave a guideline that how to guest blog without getting penalized.


He also confirmed guest blogging is still a good practice to reach out to new set of audience and creating great back links if you follow the procedure of:

  • Writing 100% original content
  • Well crafted and written
  • Relevant to the targeted niche and audience
  • And should not be a paid and looks spammy

So be careful with your guest blog campaign. Plan and work accordingly because it is still lucrative to reach new audience and build back links.

Forum posting:

Forums are genuine places to build quality links as well as influence reader to visit your website. And the exciting part is there are plenty of forums out there in every niche. Use Google and find out the forum in your niche. Create an account, add your website link to the signature (read the guideline before you do, because some of the of forums have restriction for first few posts) and start participating in conversation. Add your valued replies to the questions raised by other fellow member. With times you will automatically gain visitors to your site.

 Bonus tips:

  1. Tumblr has more than 90 million active users. Pick the best snap of your blog post and share on your Tumblr account. (if you don’t have one, CREATE!).
  2. Create an account in  and share your content.
  3. You can target smart phone user by converting your blog content into magazine form on Flipboard and Scoop.It.
  4. You can convert your content into PDF files and use in document sites for more content exposure.
  5. Download Alexa Toolbar.
  6. Write review on on different sites and ask them back to write about your site. It helps to increase alexa rank.

To increase Alexa rank in a nutshell:

  • Give your blog a clean look with all required tools in it.
  • Concentrate on producing quality content.
  • Promote your blog in every possible way.
  • Try to get quality back link form the word go for better ranking result in future.


Everything I have mentioned above are going to be the tasks of me for next 60 days. I am quite confident, if anyone follows the guideline and work according to it, he too will be able to drag alexa rank down below 30,000 in that stipulated period of time.

Today is 28th of November 2014.  I Will come up with my follow up post on 28 January 2015 when I reach there.

Do you think did I miss anything important which could help to increase alexa rank?


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