Ten effective methods to improve writing skills


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Writing is not just a creative art. To write something good and appealing, it requires a proper planning and an accurate execution. Here are some strategies by which one can improve writing skills and achieve success in writing.

Planning stage:

Planning stage mainly involves two steps. The primary step can be considered as the data gathering which is followed by creating a blueprint for the writing in the secondary step.

  • Information collection: It is always important to gather information before starting something to write. Most of us just start writing and end things in an odd manner. So for better result and quality writing an adequate research and data collection is important.
  • Blue print:  For execution of the gathered information in an attractive and reader friendly manner it is important to have a proper planning. Jumbled set of well collected information can lead to a messed up writing if they are not set in a well-organized manner. So it is important to decide which topic to highlight and so on.

Execution stage:

A planning without a proper execution is meaningless. So a proper execution of the plan is a must thing for which the following steps can be considered as basic:

  • Write in an attractive manner: Just putting up some random information does not make writing better. It is important to represent them in a well-organized manner by using bullets, heading and subheading. Using different font styles can also be helpful to represent things in an attractive manner. One thing must be noted in this context is that; overuse of subheading or heading and bullets can also ruin the essence of writing.
  • Proper selection of title:  The quality and the efficiency of writing is the main factor, but selection of a proper title is equally important. Most of the readers judge writing according to its title; so an attractive and appropriate title is a must for a good write up. The title must contain the essence and the subject of writing. However a lengthy title should be avoided. A small but appropriate title is appreciated in general.
  • Graphical representation of data: In general cases graphical representation of data and facts is appreciated in every context. It leaves a long lasting impression and impact on the reader’s mind but the context and purpose of the writing must be considered when using such formats. Graphical representations such as pie charts, histograms & others are generally used for scientific writing. Sometime we find its use in advertisings as well. But these are not appropriate in the case of literary writing and other types of creative writing. So one must be careful while using this format. This can increase acceptability of a writing and at the same time it can also ruin the whole essence of writing if not used with proper understanding of the context and purpose of writing. 
  • Usage of reader friendly language: Many people think using bombastic words, idioms and proverbs makes writing good. It is true in a sense but that alone cannot decide the quality of writing (i.e content ) . Understanding the context, purpose and targeted readers are the most important things in writing. Misconception in these factors can result in, an out of context writing. So these factors must be considered when writing. Usage of first person in a professional writing in general cases is not appreciated, so writing in third person can be helpful to achieve better results. Constructing short sentences that are not too lengthy can be useful for avoiding grammatical mistakes.
  • Cleaning representation and well ordering: It is important to maintain well ordering while writing because mismanagement in ordering while writing can cause many problems in communication. To avoid such problems, points or sub heading must be written in a proper order. Cleanliness is another deciding factor when it comes to writing. Jumbled information with very good writing skill cannot attract readers. To attract readers a clean and well organized representation is must. One must take these points under consideration to achieve a better result in writing.
  • Usage of comparison table: Using comparison table can be a good idea if the writing is about comparison between two or more things. Pros and cons of a single thing can also be represented in this table format. These formats make writing attractive and  it lasts a longer impact on readers. 

Tips to improve writing skills:

  • Write small but meaningful sentences.
  • Do not use heavy words.
  • Understand the context of writing.
  • Use graphical representation data when it is appropriate.
  • Try to avoid writing in first person.
  • Use meaningful heading and sub-headings.
  • Title of writing must reflect the context.
  • Try to use short title.
  • Use comparison chart when it is applicable.
  • Cleanliness must be maintained throughout in a write up.

Over all maintaining these things and a proper understanding the context of writing can help one to improve writing skills. Do you find these tips are helpful to improve writing skills? Which of these you consider the most important ones? Or you have something else which can significantly boost writing skills? Let’s share it in comment section. 

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