How to add Google +1 to your WordPress blog

How could ‘Uncle’ Google stay out of the heat of  ‘liking’ games too long? The craze of Facebook ‘ Like’ made this internet giant introduce its own ‘Like’ version as Google+1. As always, Google has to delivers some incredible features with it’s all product, so Google+1 does not only stick to ” Liking ” realm but one can harness the Google+1 power to Share links, Photos, status and more. Needless to say that increases the search engine visibility to a great extent. So webmasters simply add Google +1 button to their website as soon as they come up with a new website. Here is a small guide How to add Google +1 in your WordPress Blog.

How to Add Google +1 in WordPress Blog:

The process of adding Google+1 to website is very easy. You do not need to know any kind of HTML coding for that and, you can add this button anywhere in your website you want to. Here are some simply steps to add Google +1 to your WordPress Blog. 

Step One:- Insert a JavaScript Code in your WordPress Theme File.

  1. Open WordPress Theme ‘Editor
  2. Select Footer from the list of  ‘Template’ Files.
  3. Now you need to insert a Snippet of JavaScript Code before the </body> closing tag in your theme’s Footer.

JavaScript Code is  :-


<script type=”text/javascript” src=”“></script>


Step Two :- Insert the Tag Where ever you want Google +1 To appear.

After inserting the JavaScript successfully,  now you can put the below tag anywhere you want Google +1 to appear.


For instant, if you want to add Google +1 button on every single blog post then you need to add this tag on “Single Post (single.php) ” file.

  1. Click Appearance from Dashboard Menu.
  2. Go to Editor.
  3. Find  and select Single Post (single.php) in right side Templates menu.
  4. Now paste the above code. 

I will like suggest you to take backup of your theme files before making any modification. Because if something goes wrong and your site gets crash after updating theme file, you can always revert back to your previous settings before modification with the help of backup file.

IMP : Do not forget to update file. In order to change take place, you need to save the file by updating it. 

You are done!

Google +1 Button is available in different size. You can choose anyone from the list you want to add on your website. And you even have the liberty to customize Snippet.


Simple manual process has been described here which shows how to add Google +1 to your WordPress blog. Apart from this, there are several cool Plugins available which allow users to add Google+1 button on their WordPress blog. But I strongly suggest you not to use any plugin for that. Remember every plugin you use that has to put some burden on your website speed and performance.

This Google +1 button is available in different languages. If your blog is in another language other then default English then you can choose Google+1 button which is similar to your website language as well.

If you are still confused or having some tough time customizing Google+1 button, feel free to comment. We will try to find out the solution together.

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