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Do you think it’s possible to find a single soul who uses internet but does not have a Facebook account? Not sure about the answer but regardless ‘who you are, whatever you do, where are you from’ you got to have some soft corner for Facebook. I’m not kidding, you know it deep down inside you have. And, if you are a blogger, then Facebook means not just another social media to connect with friends or meeting new people, but also a great platform to promote your blogging activity. Apart from that, there is another hidden benefit Facebook offers which we often miss to utilize. A DoFollow Backlink! Yes you read it right! Facebook basically offers a NoFollow Backlink but if you know how to do it correctly you can get PR9 DoFollow Backlink from Facbook.


It goes without saying how much difference it would make getting a high quality Backlink from an authority site like WordPress, Google, YouTube, Wikipedia or Facebook. A link love from these high authority sites gives your blog an instant SEO thrust. It’s an open secret and we all know this, so without giving more intro let me just show you what are the steps you need to follow to get DoFollow Backlink from Facebook.

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Step by Step guide to get DoFollow Backlink from Facebook:

#1: Create a Facebook page if you don’t have one yet.

#2: Login to your Facebook account and make sure you are using as Profile owner not as Page and click  Static HTML Application to add this app.


#3: A new tab will open right next to the window and you can see option like below picture where you should select the page (if you are the admin of multiple FB pages) you would like to add HTML link to. After selecting the desired page clink on “add page tab”.


#4: Now you can see a new tab name ‘welcome‘ is already added in your timeline. Click on it and there will be a light green ‘Edit tab’ option, click on it and you will be redirected to ‘Static HTML set up’ page.


#5: This step is the most crucial one. You need to be very careful while adding link of your website in ‘index.html’ box.

Do you know why?

Because almost everyone makes the same mistake just by adding HTML link with H1 tag and think that would be enough to get DoFollow Backlink from Facebook. Absolutely not! You need to assign rel=”dofollow” mark up as well with normal HTML link to work that out.

This “rel=dofollow” mark is very important and should be done carefully. If you are not comfortable with HTML thing, don’t worry. Just replace “” to your domain name and “your site name” to your website title in below mentioned HTML snippet and paste it ‘index.html‘ box. Don’t forget to click on ‘save and publish‘ button after that.

 <h1><a href=” /” target=”_blank” rel=”dofollow”>your site name</a></h1>


#6: Go back to your Facebook page>welcome tab and there is your DoFollow Backlink from Facebook, dazzling with it’s own glory.


 Over to you:

As I said before, a direct DoFollow Backlink from high PR domain is very useful to gain authority and rank well in SERP. Building a solid white hat base Backlinks are the ultimate pillars to make a blog successful in long haul. You can see my other articles on how to ethically hack SEO to dominate search engine.

By the way, do comment whether it worked for you or not. I will try to help you out if there is any problem getting DoFollow Backlink from Facebook.


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