How to get your blog post indexed faster


As a new blogger almost all of us wonder “I have written such a great content after putting enormous effort but why the hell Google taking so much time to recognized it?

C’mon friends try to understand Google bots are getting older! More than 400k new contents published every day on web and that’s getting way too much for them to cover.

Just kidding, never mind.

Actually there could be many reasons behind it . You probably have noticed blog post from established blog gets indexed much quicker than yours. If you want to know the reason why their blog post indexed faster than yours, then you need to understand what makes Google bots crawl their website quicker.

Learn – How to increase Crawling rate!

There are various methods to stimulate the process by helping Google crawler to recognize your blog content. Some of the best practices are:

  1. Frequent fresh content infusion to the system
  2. Large number of social media shares which help search engine to pick it up from there.
  3. Linking to other blog post by commenting (especially comment love enabled blogs).
  4. Having fairly large number of quality back links.
  5. Making Website load faster.


But if you have repeatable a new blog it will be difficult to follow all the guidelines mentioned above except #3 and #5. Keep up the great work you have started doing, till you become one of them but as of now let me show you a short cut by pass way. If you follow this process your blog post will get indexed in Google almost immediately after you publish. And the good news is Google itself has presented us the weapon to use. Why not taking advantage of it, then?

If you couldn’t figure out yet, then let me tell you I’m talking about Google Webmaster tool. There is an option is Google Webmaster tool named Fetch as Google where we can manually request Google to take a look at our newly published post. This trick is really handy for the post which is based on time priority. Here is an example to make things more clear. Suppose you post an event or coupon in your blog which is going to expire in 24 to 48 hours. Don’t you think you should take the initiative to index it by yourself rather than waiting for Google to do it may be after 3 days when it left with almost no purpose to serve?

Get Your Blog post Indexed faster like e Jet plane – the Process

  • Login to your Google Webmaster Tool account and select the website of which you want to get blog post indexed faster, if you have multiple websites in that Webmaster account.


  • From your Webmaster Tool dashboard navigate to Crawl > Fetch as Google


  •  Now on the given box enter the blog post URL extension and click on fetch button . Keep in mind do not to enter the full URL.
  • Google will start the process and it may take few seconds. Once Google finds the post in your blog it will show statuscomplete. Click on ‘Submit to index’ and a pop-up window will appear.


  •  On that page you will be getting two options to choose from. 1. ‘Crawl only this URL’  and 2. ‘
  • There you are. It’s all done. It will show ‘URL submitted to index’ 


Within minutes you blog post should appear on Google search result. To cross check enter the full URL of your blog post on Google search button and you can definitely see your blog post which have been index 2-3 minutes back.

Final Words:

I personally almost every time use this method to get my blog post indexed faster rather than waiting for Google to do so. Because this blog is still in the early phrase and it hasn’t build up a solid authority yet.  You may not be needing to opt for this strategy if you could make Google bot to crawl your blog faster by practicing good blogging methods. However, one can use this method 500 times for a particular domain which I believe more than sufficient for a small to medium size website.

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