How to Embed Google Maps in Blog or Website

For a small business perspective that is trying to establish online exposure, it is very much important to let its customers know where the business is exactly located. Putting an address detail can solve the purpose to some extent but the best possible way is to embed Google Maps in website or blog. Being a flexible instrument, it allows user to register any business location almost to the perfection. Which is much more reliable. As this interactive map comes with driving direction, so it enables people to locate the business more easily. Basically there are two ways one can embed Google maps in blog or website, one is simple and easy method and other is through API route.

How to Embed Google Maps in Blog or Website:

Embedding Google Map in blog is actually pretty simply process. Just follow the steps mentioned below and within 10 minutes you can see the effect in your blog.

  • Go to and enter the location in search bar and that will lead to an interactive preview of the map. ( I recommend you to search for the exact location i.e Building number, locality, city and followed by pin code rather than just locality or city name).

Embed Google Map

  • Now click the link button which could be found just under the search location field which looks exactly like this:

How to Embed Google Maps in Blog or Website.docx ds2

  • A small pop up box will appear containing the direct link and as well as the HTML code, which we need to copy and paste in our website.

How to Embed Google Maps

4) Make sure you switch to Text format before placing the HTML code. When these steps are done, just save and publish your post. And it will be immediately live in your blog.
I hope this short tutorial will help your to embed Google map in your blog. I always suggest all small business owner’s to display Google map in their website because it really helps to gain some local traffic.

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