How to embed facebook posts in website or WordPress blog post

embed-facebook-posts-1It has always been one of the greatest features of YouTube! Twitter has done it before as well. Now Facebook has joined “let people embed” club as well. Embedding video, picture or information in any blog post not only enhances the visual effect but tagging the news from authentic source also makes  the content much more acceptable among readers. Earlier this month Facebook has introduced this feature and with some simple steps one can embed Facebook posts in website or WordPress blog post quite easily. According to Facebook, initially this embedding feature is solely enabled for some renown website like Mashable or CNN but later it will be available for everyone. Still it is only available for handful of Pages and users but Facebook has gradually started to “turning the heat” for more users. As of now, let’s see how we can use this amazing feature in our blog post where you want it to appear.

How to embed Facebook posts in website


  1. Open the Picture/Video you want to embed
  2. Click on the embed video
  3. A small pop up window will appear containing embed code in it. Copy and paste that code in your blog.

As this is an HTML code so make sure you switch to TEXT editor in order to HTML effect take place in.

How can embeded Facebook posts be more beneficial for your blog?

  • As this embed code is going to come with hashtags quality so that can easily help you to boost your brand awareness.
  • Instade of using screen shot from your Facebook post now you can directly connect it to your blog, making it easier for your reader to swim in both medium. This will increase user’s experience.
  • Concentrating on particular embeded hashtags on your blog niche can improve SEO visibility which will eventually attract more advertiser for your blog.

This is how I planned to use embed Facebook posts features. Do you have any other innovative idea to use it? Please share with us in comment section.

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