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Blogging revenue primarily generates from space selling and indicative affiliation. Space selling is a direct form of advertisement like banner add campaign. Which everybody is aware of and universally accepted. So no problem with that. But when it comes to indicative affiliation, generating revenue can be bit tricky. Because public display of direct marketing link is never a great blog marketing strategy. If you make your reader believe that you are suggesting something just for the sake of your financial benefit that would certainly resist them to visit the desired link you want them to. It only indicates, you are more prone to advertise rather than serving useful information. Blogger’s primary object always should be presenting useful article in such a manner which looks absolutely natural. And only motivate them to visit the affiliated link for better reader experience as a reference. Where long direct affiliated marketing link is only going to ponder your strategy. So it goes without saying the vivid necessity of masking your affiliated link to make that more acceptable among readers. Now the question is how can we do that?

How to create custom link for WordPress?

Creating custom url in WordPress is pretty simple. There is a Plugin called Pretty Link Lite, which helps you to create custom link for WordPress quite effortlessly. You can shorten or customize links using your own domain name unlike tinyurl.com, bit.ly, which is always great to hide your main affiliated  link. Here is an example how to use Pretty Link Lite plugin.

  1. Firstly get this Pretty Link Lite plugin.
  2. After installing you will see Pretty Link Lite Option in your WordPress dashboard menu.
  3. Now to create a custom link go to Pretty Link Lite and click on Add New Link.
  4. Add the desired link you want to change in Target URL field.
  5. You can add anything in pretty link box which will be showed after your domain name.
  6. Add the name of the affiliation program in the title field which will help you to remember for exactly which program this link is used for.


Other benefits :-

 You might be thinking, there are already some web link shrinking service (tinyurl.com, bit.ly) out there then why should I use this plugin.

There are several reasons behind it. The first and foremost reason is, as this plugin lets you customize link within your domain name extension, which is more acceptable among readers than any external link shortening service. Secondly I have used this customized link form in email, forum and in Twitter which significantly increased the CTR rate resulting greater affiliation revenue.

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