How to create a Facebook page for website or business

Since the flourish of social networking sites Facebook has always been the market leader. With 1.15 billion monthly and 669 million active users it has the potential to drive enormous free traffic to your website. Not having a Facebook page for your business means you are certainly not taking the full advantage of this huge advertisement opportunity. Can you really afford to do that? I am sure It won’t be a prudent act to stay out of it. As they say “it’s never too late to start something new”. So let’s see how we can create a Facebook page.

Create a Facebook page

  • In order to create a new page, first you need to be logged in your Facebook account. Then go to and click on + create page button.


  • It will lead you to six major categories. Select the one which fits the best for your business. For instance if I am going to make a page for my business, I will choose brand/product. It is advisable not to select local business/ Place unless your business has to do anything with physical visit by customers. And you will have the liberty to change the category letter.


  • Now select the sub category and name it carefully. I suggest you to use the main brand name of your business or the abbreviation.
  • When you agree with terms and condition and click on “Get started “ it will lead  you to details pages. Which consists for categories a) About b) Profile Picture c) Add to Favorites and 4 ) Reach More People


  1. Add description info of your business
  2. In the next field you can add website/ twitter/tumbler address
  3. Now the next part is very important. Choose the extension name very carefully. Try to use your brand name if that is not available then try adding something unique with it.


  • Once you are done then click ‘save info’ and move the to next section. Where you need to upload a logo picture. As it is one of the prime thing which will attract the visitors attention, so invest some extra time to choose the right one for your website logo.
  • After uploading the picture you need to save it and then in the next section just click on ” Add to favorites” . Click save and you are through.


You have just created a new Facebook page for your website. In my next tutorial i will show, how to operate this newly created Facebook page. I hope this short tutorial will help you to create a Facebook page. if you have any quarries regarding this, do not hesitate to ask in the comment section.

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