What are the things you should keep in mind while choosing a domain name

Panning a site is always important. Selection of domain name, hosting plan, designing etc. – each and every thing contributes to the success of a website. Most of the website based on shared hosting plan is almost same in most of the features; but the choice of domain name plays the most deciding factor of a site being popular. Here are some points which can be remembered while choosing a domain name for a site:


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Things to consider Before choosing a domain name

 The SEO factor: Most of the sites try to put the keyword within the domain name in order to have a great SEO effort. This trick increases the rating of a web site in many search engine directories for that particular key word. This method was popular even a few years ago but now the techniques have changed. People try to use innovative and attractive names for their website which are easy to remember. If you are making a micro niche site, having a keyword within domain name certainly has some SEO benefits to offer. Though one should always keep in mind Just for the sake to include keyword in domain name should not make that too long or absurd.

Trendy factor: An attractive name along with the features is the most important feature of a good website these days. So this is important to choose a name which is short and catchy.  Generic names must not be given preferences.

Try to avoid: If there is already an existing website with the same name, then the same name of the domain with different suffixes needs to be avoided. The .com domains are the most popular and common one. These domains may be a bit costly; but these are completely worth the money. It is easy to remember for users and with a selection of such domain one can increase the ranking of their website in various search engine directories. The site name must be catchy; but it should not be out of context. It must be tried to avoid a big domain name. This is quite difficult to remember a big domain name. The meaningful, short & catchy domain names are best to attract the viewers; where the large or odd names are generally loss the popularity.

Make your own identity: An online website and a proper selecting of a domain name establishes one as a brand in the market and also helps people to remember the name of the brand. So this is really important to choose a domain name which fulfills all the criteria and the expectation related to this. Generic names are an option in case there is not a suitable name available for a website. One must be careful while selecting a name because these are not easy to change and once this is established changing the name means to recreate the identity once again which is equally important as recreating the whole thing once again.

Here are some important things which can be helpful for choosing a domain name for their website.

  • Usage of Ajax domain selection tool can be a great help when it comes to choosing a domain name for you. There are many open source tools available in the internet which can help one to choose a domain according to their choice.
  • Do not choose a domain name which is new in trend. If possible always go with a .com domain. An alternative domain can be helpful for blogging.
  • Select domain name according to the purpose of the website. For example an org domain is always preferred for a registered organization; .Biz is appropriate for any business related website and so on.
  • Check PR ranking of the domain if you are opting for backdoor domain purchase. PR ranking places an important role in search engine optimization of various search engine directories.
  • Always try to invest less money for the purpose. The domain name registration matters less but the server is a crucial decision. The availability of a site mainly depends on sever.

These are the very basic things which I consider while choosing a domain name. Do you consider these factors as well or you give importance to some other things?

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