Do you know? How cheap hosting service killing your blog


Almost everyone at the starting phase of blogging career tend to go for cheap hosting service. Cost-effective web hosting service (which could easily be referred to ‘cheap hosting service’) plays greater role in their mind rather than other important aspects like server up time, reliability, server space, Bandwidth, security, customer service, Inbuilt tools etc. They are unaware of the fact; how massively a marginal savings is costing them. Cheap web Hosting service comes with curse of bad server performance, lack of utility tools, web server downtime etc. which immensely affect the site performance and speed that will not let to secure good SERP ranking. Good web hosting has a direct connection with search engine ranking position. So if we spend some extra bucks to get a reliable and reputed web hosting service, that will help to secure better ranking position which converts to higher incoming traffic. And we all know organic traffic which comes from search engines are the life blood of any website. Failing to drive traffic from search engine will lead blogger to very uncomfortable territory. Then slowly the magic of blogging enthusiasm will start to wane and eventually, somewhere down the line they will abundant their aspiration to become a successful blogger.



I am not saying saving some precious bucks isn’t a bad idea at all but it should not come with a cost of compromising something which has a crucial role to play in your blogging career.

Drawbacks of cheap hosting service in a nutshell:

  • Security Vulnerability
  • Unsustainable Uptime
  • Bad Neighbors
  • Missing useful tools
  • Sluggish Server Performance
  • Geographical hindrance due to server location
  • Slow Crawling Rate
  • Last but probably most important – Dragging you down in SERP ranking

Security Vulnerability:

Most of the cheap shared web hosting service provider has a timid precaution stance against the security vulnerability. Due to lack of required tool to stop viruses if any of the website in your shared hosting pool gets infected by malware, your site becomes vulnerable as well. If somehow your website gets infected and you have multiple website registered with same hosting account, be ready for some certain damage in all of them. Earlier I faced the same issue with malware attack and 3 of my websites ran out of business.

Negative outcome:

A) Web browsers like Google Chrome might flag your website and show security warning to the visitors.

B) If the problem persists for longer period of time and you fail to resolve the issue then security and trustworthy diagnoses sites like mywot might grade your website down in terms of visitors’ usability which is a BIG RED SIGNAL for advertiser.

Unsustainable Uptime:

Unsustainable Uptime is one of the major issues you would be facing if you go for bad web hosting service. It is true that no one can give 100% uptime service but while choosing webhosting one thing you need to make sure is, at least the hosting provider guarantee 99% server uptime.

Think of, you have given your best effort to write a post, promoted as much as you could and finally when visitors come in your website, it is not accessible!  Is there anything could be worse than that?

Certainly not. Having been inaccessible your website not only gives negative impression to your visitors but also drag  SEO score down by being not crawl-able for search engine bots. Adding pain to the extant it also increases the bounce rate which will pull your website authority down. The single most important factor after Google Page Rank has no major role to play in terms of calculating website importance.

Apart from other reasons, bad server performance is alone enough, for which you should switch to a reliable and steady web hosting service provider from your existing cheap hosting service.

Bad Neighbors::

It is totally understandable that being a new blogger it’s hard to go for a VPS hosting as because they are costly. So instead of VPS  hosting almost every one opts for shared hosting which is not bad at all if chosen wisely. Renowned web hosting providers like Bluehost or Hostator offer solid shared hosting plans with great personalized customer service. They have all the required and necessary inbuilt tools to build and protect your website. But the most lucrative features they offer is realignment of your server pool if requested. If you have many bad neighbors (spammy websites) in your hosting pool that might hurt website ranking and even repeated malware attack. But you can make a request to change pool alignment which cheap hosting service providers never do.

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You can check in this YouTube video where Matt Cutts explained how bad neighbor can affect your website.

Missing useful tools:

Most of the cheap hosting service provides some inbuilt tools which have practically no important role to play and can be done manually by alerting code or installing GWT. But the real helpful tools like virus scanning, PHP configuration, Optimize website or eCommerce cannot be seen in their web hosting package.

Sluggish Server Performance:

All the major search engines have already announced that they are going to give immense importance to the page load time at the time of calculating and ranking websites on search engines. Cheap web hosting with sluggish server performance looks like a big fat lazy ass and takes almost forever to load a full webpage. Performance becomes more pathetic during the pick hours when numbers of visitors try to access your website. There is no way one can compete with websites which load less than 2 seconds to fully load and yours about 5-6 seconds regardless how well you presented articles or build links. Visitors will be immediate off to your page when they find its taking way too longer to load resulting higher bounce rate and less traffic conversation.

So sluggish server performance has 2 direct negative impacts to the website. First, it does not let website to rank higher in SERP due to slow loading and secondly, it increase the bounce rate. Can you really afford to miss one of the two main ingredients of successful blogging recipe?

I bet you can’t. Make a fine tuning of your website design for better user experience and switch to a better server. Within few days you will witness a drastic improvement of your website performance.

Geographical hindrance due to server location:

Server location is also an important factor which has a direct role to play on deciding website search ranking but generally overlooked by bloggers. If your hosting server is in USA and majority your visitors comes from India, so it is always a prudent act to transfer your server to INDIA because of latency factor. USA based server tends to secure better result in than

Use Google webmaster tool to find out GEO-targeted audience result and try to analyze the visitor’s location. Move the server to the country with the maximum visitors say India and that will help you to secure better result in Google search engine i.e. Again another drawback here for cheap hosting service providers as they do not have localized server facility for customers.

Slow Crawling Rate:

Have you ever felt that your blog post is taking way too much time to get indexed in Google? I have seen some blogger raised the concern that, sometime it even takes 2-3 days before Google bot Crawls their new blog post and index in search engine, where as post from some other blogs get indexed in just few hours? There is a back door short cut way to get your blog post indexed faster using Google web master tool. But it is always logical to take the traditional way and make Google bot to crawl your web site faster.

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Question is why Google bot is not crawling your website  faster?

Google sets a certain indexing limit for all server based on I.P address  for a particular period of time. If you are using a crappy cheap hosting service with multiple other spammy site in the same server pool, then your site is certainly going to get effected. You will witness slow indexing due to higher consumption of bot crawling by those spammy websites.

Dragging you down in SERP ranking:

All the above mentioned points have more or less something to do to make an impact on SEPR position. If your aspiration is to make your blog successful, then there is no way you can overlook any minor issue which is hurting to secure better ranking in search engine.

Make a comparative study of your existing  cheap web hosting with any reputed and reliable hosting. Try to diagnosis what disparity it would bring if  you switch to the later one in terms of utility proportion to the slight extra expenditure.

You you definitely see how incredibly you site will start ranking higher in search engine if you move to better server performance.

 Over to you:

It’s time to give it a second thought. Whether you would like to stick to your existing cheap hosting service provider or change for a better blogging career. Choice is yours. I would like to suggest, go for something good and feel the difference.

Do drop a comment if you have any valuable points to add in this matter or you have witnessed any difference in terms of performance or SEPR ranking after migrating to a new server.


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