How to correctly fill up Bluehost affiliate tax form

Affiliate commission is one of the major sources of blogging income. Sooner or later almost everyone enroll themselves as an affiliated member in different programs and start selling or recommending products or services.

Why not?

Anyone, who has taken blogging as a profession must find different ways to make their living.  They do, money starts flowing in. But incoming money always comes with tax provisions.


This is one of the major glitch we need to overcome. Until and unless we provide our income tax declaration, most of the affiliated programs won’t let us withdraw money. If you have recently enrolled for Dreamhost, Hostgator or Bluehost affiliated program, you might have seen filling up tax information is mandatory to be eligible for withdrawing money.

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Procedure of filling up tax information is quite simple though. One just needs to fill up a form (Mostly contains: Name, address, SSN, EIN number) declaring he is abide by the income tax acts and provisions of the country.

But it becomes bit dicey for the people who reside outside United States and neither have SSN (social security number) or EIN (employer identification number) number, which are mandatory fields to complete the procedure. There is no way one can skip the field. This mostly happens with Bluehost affiliate program.

Now, the question is how to correctly fill out Bluehost affiliate tax form?

Filling out Bluehost affiliate tax form:W-9 form or W-8BEN form

I guess you already have a Bluehost affiliate account. If not, then I strongly suggest you to open one. They pass on minimum $65 for every single hosting sale you make. You can check out my earlier post on how to make $65 or more a day from Bluehost affiliated program.

After signing up when you log-in your Bluehost affiliate account you will be getting a notification on your dashboard to fill out your tax declaration form in order to be eligible for withdrawing money. If you don’t get the notification don’t worry, go to settings> Tax form or click here. In affiliate tax form there are two options, whether you a US citizen/Business or not. If you are a US resident then select ‘yes’ and fill out the W-9 form with required details. If not then follow the below mentioned steps:

1. In affiliate Tax Form select ‘No‘ on the radio button which signifies you are not a US resident and Form W-8BEN will appear below.


2.Next part is simple. Fill up the form with appropriate details like name, address and mailing address. You can take help from the official additional information page here.


3. This portion of the form is the most critical part. Failing to complete it correctly wont let you submit the form. Here you need to either enter EIN or SSN. If you are from India or other sub continent country, you won’t have either of these two numbers. Don’t get disheartened, we have an alternative trick to bypass the EIN number requirement.

Just simply fill the EIN number box with “nine zeros” I mean 9 time ‘0’ and it will make you get through the completion process.


4. leave blank all the filed in “claim of tax treaty benefits” section as you are not a U.S citizen.

5. Strike in in “acknowledge certification” section and move to the final field of your signature.

6. Just type your full name or the organization’s full name if you have given the organization name in the first place and you are done with the affiliate tax form. Hit “submit tax form” and you are through.

After you successfully filled up tax deceleration form, now on words you can withdraw money without any issue. Just keep in mind Bluehost releases affiliated commission after 45 days of actual sales occurred and you got to have at least $100 in your account to make a withdrawal request.

In most the affiliation tax form you will be having EIN number glitch and some of programs will give you other options to select but if not just follow this process.

By the way, you should also display a disclaimer in your website if you are promoting Bluehost affiliate program or otherwise you affiliation account might get canceled.

Thanks for the read and happy earning.


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