Blogging communities Vs social media – Which one is more effective in driving traffic from a blogger’s perspective

Blogging, this is what we do, Blogger, that is what we are. And our existence is largely depends on how successfully we able to drive traffic to our blog. Traffic is equals to lifeblood of blogging. All blogging activity is centered around driving traffic. Creating good content is mandatory. But that is not the end of it: awesome content is of no use until and unless people read it. So, we need to learn the art of attracting visitors. Blog promotion is one of the prime methods which help to drive traffic to our blog apart from link building. If blogging is what you indulge in, this article is going to show you how and why you should concentrate your blog promotion on blogging communities rather than social media platform to drive significant traffic and build a solid authority blog. Let’s delve deeper and look into it from a blog owner’s perspective.

Blogging-communities- vs-social-media

Blogging communities – paving the way for bloggers

These days’ blogs are not only online diaries rather blogging is highly impactful in online as well as offline world. It is becoming even more powerful with ardent bloggers who are influencing the online domain. It is quite essential to keep in mind that community is a real blessing. It is a group of people sharing the same goals and interest. Blogging communities are basically websites that welcome many blogger to share their article on one space. Readers can respond to various posts by commenting within the community blog itself or going to their respective websites . Too many individual blogs together, following the same value or theme makes successful communities. It’s a meeting point for all consistent bloggers, a vital part of the blogosphere.

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Blogging communities presents a very good platform to promote creations to all the bloggers. It could be a very useful medium, specially for the beginners who could not build up their own authority in the blogosphare yet. As because this platform treats almost everyone same, presents equal opportunity to promote work which is really lucrative and distinctly different from other promotional platform. If treated well, it has the potential to give initial traffic thrust and create own brand identity in blogging world.

Promote your blog beyond limits – This is how instrumental blogging communities could be:

Are you still looking for an opportunity to promote your blog? In the language of bloggers, blogging communities are spaces where likeminded bloggers can interact, promote and learn from each other. There are so many blogs hunting for ways to generate traffic, earn backlinks and build relationships. Blogging network is a place where you can access top-rated articles, drive movement to journals and enhance visibility web indexes. The best solution is to join a community after launching your blog. Once you do this, traffic will become your playground. There are so many networks but here are mentioned 7 most influential ones: Blogengage, Bizsugar, Indiblogger, Inbound, Klinkk, Blokube and

Mesmerizing benefits blogging community could offer:

#1 Higher ranking: The communities offer a dofollow link to your blog so that Google gives a high page rank. These networks do not only create engaging associations but also increase your blog rankings hugely in SERPS. Do not worry, Google might not update pagerank but it still has its own value determining worthiness of a webpage

#2 High domain authority: Google never stops calculating but we are all bothered about the result. This is the reason why bloggers demand domain authority. You might not know that submitting your post to various blogging sites meets the domain authority demand.

#3 Building relationships: There are so many internet users willing to read your content and endorse your blog as well. This is all about building long lasting relationships via commenting and interacting. Blogging communities are not solely about promoting but also about learning from other’s posts. This helps in generating innovative ideas.

Learn how blogging communities function:

  • Voting system matters so earn higher votes – Higher votes means you are on the first page and that means more visitors. So, now it’s time to hop.
  • Commenting and rapid social shares – An innovative way of creating relationships is to comment on other people’s post once it’s shared. Remember that they will try to pay you back by promoting your blog. Its mutual benefit!

This is the basic idea about blogging communities and its beneficial role. To drive instant traffic you need to submit your article link soon after publication.

Preferred advertisement destination; Social Media – An expression that is being tossed around since the flourish of Facebook and Twitter:


Dear bloggers, while defining social media we can break it down. Media is a means of communication so social media is a social mechanism that boosts communication. Social media is a two-way road, a collection of web-based tools and policies that helps in information sharing. This promotes transfer of photos, text, video, audio and all other information among online users. There are so many online communities like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, Google Plus etc for sharing your desirable blog post. Social media is a broad term that is creating a huge craze throughout the internet, how could bloggers stay out of it.

There are various aspects to judge whether your blog is a success or not but engagement is all that matters is achieving strict result. Social media marketing can promote your blog in an effective way where ‘like’ and ‘followers’ are considered vital metrics.

Blogging benefits from social media:

In the recent times, bloggers are jumping into the social media pool to remain competitive. Bloggers need to realize that social media can actually help generate immense traffic. When you share your blog post or website content, this serves as a reason to click and also visit your blogging site. Now, you can motivate the visitors to take desirable action like sharing, liking, promoting, a free consultation etc.

If you are a confident blogger, you definitely want people to click your post and wish that many share it on Facebook, G+ and Linkedin. Here it’s briefly explained how social media can help your blogging initiative. Facebook is now the social media king so you can have the like button at a convenient position in your blog post. There are so many other networks where you can circulate your post. Now depending on the requirement you can include mentions, hashtags, photos or target the right audience for maximum exposure. Havoc engagement and response is crucial so once you make a blog post, sharing on social media platforms helps to initiate response and immediate action.

If you are a new blogger, here are a few tips on how your blog will get maximum exposure via social media:

  • Social media icons should be displayed prominently on your blog.
  • A Facebook page for your blog is a must and join bloggers group there.
  • StumbleUpon helps to generate traffic.
  • Impost RSS feed to your Linkedin account via Blog link application.
  • Using link shortners is beneficial.
  • Pinterest is cool for bloggers, just pin photos.
  • Share others posts and be as must social as possible.

Be social even if you are not getting desirable traffic. You might feel that inspite of using all social platforms; you are not gaining too many clicks. It is best to spend time on social platforms to build long-term relationships and be inspired for your next post. Gradually traffic will flow in.

Social media and Blogging communities in a nutshell:

Social Media:

  1. Helps to develop interpersonal relationships between bloggers and you know all your connections.
  2. Every blog owner has a single social network but different social graphs.
  3. A network structure exists.


  1. A large group of people share common interests. So, a new member does not know everyone in the group.
  2. Bloggers can become a part of various communities.
  3. The structure is nested and overlapping.

Blogging community vs social media – The concluding note:

Both blogging communities and social media platforms are rocking the internet domain. Well, even through it’s a win-win situation but one should definitely concentrate on a particular platform which has more potential to drive more traffic to blog.

Social networks as well as communities are very well established and survived the test of time. But it’s very crucial to figure out which has more benefits to offer on a blogger’s perspective. Blogging communities and social media both are highly effective in shaping your blog and giving it an all new dimension over the internet. But from a blogger’s perspective blogging communities are found to be more effective than social media.

Do you know why?

Here’s why: As a blogger it is not possible to achieve the target all alone but community effort is seriously effective than any means. You do need to wear different hats being a site owner; this is simply a part of community. Blogging communities offer repetitive exposure to your blog and this helps in building a strong identity. It takes real time exposure for readers to read your posts and this helps in gaining relevant traffic flow. It is very essential to remind the visitors time and again about your blog and this can dramatically drive traffic. If someone reads through and responds to your post it means you are being validated and opening avenues to more conversations and associations with so many other bloggers with huge interests. Your link is on other’s blogs and this gives immense exposure vise versa. This is where social media fails to impress as much as communities. These communities also offer long term establishment to attract visitors and generate more and more traffic. When it comes to blogging successfully, you do not have to remain restricted to one single community. Spread your wings and participate in various communities.

Join blogging communities and make your blog a grand success and create your identity over the web!

Personally, I have witnessed immense exposure at the early phase of my blogging career by joining blogging communities. What about you? Do you feel the same? How do you rate blogging communities and social medias in terms of promotional platform?


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