7+5 Blogging Communities to drive massive traffic to your blog

Existence of a successful blog is largely depend on how effectively one can drive traffic to his blog. Incoming traffic has always been the deciding factor between a successful and a failed blog. Without this lifeline no professional blog can survive. The importance of traffic is so much that before even start writing an article, all successful bloggers or content marketers first evaluate the possibility of driving traffic with that article, then they search for the suitable keyword and finally craft an article based on it.

And that’s even not enough. A well crafted, informative, detailed content surely help to secure good rank in search engine but will not stay longer if you don’t promote or create back links. You can’t sit back and relax. You have to promote to the core to drive traffic.


And the game of driving traffic to blog is much more difficult for new bloggers. They have literally nothing like DA(Domain Authority), good SERP for keywords, less content in blogs or minimum social media exposure that would help them to bring some traffic to blog. The only possible and realistic way to drive huge traffic to the blog is through referral traffic i.e. guest blogging and blogging community. In this post I am going to show you how to drive massive traffic to blog through blogging community.

Before proceeding further let me explain what blogging community is.

Well, blogging communities are social platform only for the bloggers. Where they interacts with each other, share ideas, knowledge, and discuss about blogging matters. The best thing about blogging communities is, all the registered member are real blogger and they are only interested in blogging, nothing else.

How blogging communities work:

Blogging communities have portals where all register members can promote their article or content. They need to add particular permalink of the post they want to promote and hit submit in order to go his blog post live in the portal interface. From there other community member can access, interacts, or up-vote the content. And most of the cases you will get a new blog visitors.

We are aware of the fact social media is a good platform to promote our blog post. But I suggest all new blogger to concentrate in promoting blog post on blogging communities rather than social medias to get more targeted blog traffic. Do you know why? Read my full post on why blogging communities are better promotional platform than social medias for a blogger’s perspective.


There are hundreds of blogging communities out there on web. Someway or other almost everyone has the same agenda of letting blogger engage and interact with each other. Let’s see what are the benefits we can dig out, if we join blogging communities.

  • Can build relationship with other Blogger.
  • Getting a platform to promote your blog.
  • Easily drive initial traffic when it is fairly difficult to pull from other sources.
  • Probability of getting few high quality niche Backlinks from fellow bloggers.
  • Immensely beneficial to boost Alexa traffic rank in quick time.
  • Possibility of conceiving new blog post ideas from other bloggers’ post.
  • Learn from other established blogger.

Here is a list 7 amazing blogging communities in no specific order:

#1 Blog Engage:

  • Registration type – Premium
  • Page Rank – 4
  • Alexa Rank – 16,330
  • Special Features – Periodical Giveaways and contests.

Leading blogging community out there on web. It was incorporated in the year 2007 by Brian Belfitt and since then it’s been growing in spite of being a premium community. Do you know what makes Blog Engage different from others? As because it’s a premium community, all registered member here are serious blogger. They are only interested in blogging, interacting with each other and focus to build a long term blogging relationship, which makes this platform totally spam free and guaranteed genuine traffic to blog.

Features :- They have different subscription plans stars from 9.99 Euro one time fees to 4.99-99.99 Euro/month plan. You can see the plan details here or on this screenshot.



If you are a blogger than I’ve a good news for you. You can get a BlogEngage Premium account absolutely free if you follow the steps mentioned here.

#2 Indiblogger:

  • Registration type – Free
  • Page Rank – 4
  • Alexa Rank – 10,319
  • Special Features – Regular Giveaways and contests, Occasional blogger meet, Blogger Award and more.

Without being bias I can assure you, Indiblogger is undoubtedly the best in terms of driving raw traffic and make a mark in the blogging industry. Though the name and tagline suggest this blogging community is designed for Indian blogger, but anyone can join regardless of origin.

Indiblogger voting system is very interesting. Unless one visits actual blog post, can not vote for that article, which ensure surefire direct blog traffic. I have been active in Indiblogger close to a month now and getting about 60 traffic/daily.

This blogging community has many dimensions. Regular contest on different topics, sponsored post opportunity, active forum, blogger meets, blogger awards and unique ‘indi ranking’ system based on activity make this community stand out from the rest. Apart from this, there is another ravishing campaign pops up on the site every now and then called “Indi-Happy Hours!”. They announce a campaign topic on which you have to write an original blog post more than 450 words on your blog and you are qualified for the prize about roughly Rs. 2000 or $35 till prize money last. Could be great small gigs to boost up blogging energy.

Read How to be famous in Indiblogger quickly.  

#3 BizSugar:

  • Registration type – Free
  • Page Rank – 5
  • Alexa Rank –  9,433
  • Special Feature – Some really active industry leader blogger.


Let me tell you before hand, though it is a fantastic platform for publisher but kind of hard nut to crack to get your submitted post through their strict spam detector to be published. Post has to be immaculately categorized under relevant category with high quality content in it to make it through to live portal. It took almost 20 times for me to get my first article go live their system and learnt the mechanism to do it correctly. But the positive point is, once you know the mechanism and build some relation with other existing active member; blog visitors will spurt like anything with fare number of social shares, likes and recommendations by other member.

Key features and mechanism to understand:

  • You can post only 1 article per day unless your “karma score” goes up.
  • 4 main categories Marketing, Finance, Management and Technology are there with other 16 subcategories. You need to pin point the exact category>subcategory which matches with your article topic.
  • Take some time out to up-vote, comment other member’s contribution. Promoting their article on different social media with your existing readers, followers will make them return the favor to you resulting multiplied incoming blog traffic.

#4 Kingged:

  • Registration type – Free
  • Page Rank – 4
  • Alexa Rank –  19,042
  • Special feature – Mind blowing giveaways!


If we consider the main 4 hurdles we need to  cross to be a successful blogger, they have to be;

  1. Traffic to our blog.
  2. Being recognized.
  3. Getting content shared and stacking up more comment in blog post.
  4. Making money.

You know what, all these problem could be sorted out just by being active in a blogging community named Kingged. This fact is not exaggerating at all and could be accomplished in style if you know what exactly it takes. In one word, this blogging community is amazing. Plenty of giveaways, superb outreach, great engagement, possibilities of getting numbers of high PR Backlinks, great referral traffic etc. all are there.  C’mon man, what else one could ask for? This is what kingged offers.

How it works:

  • As usual voting system like other blogging communities. Appreciate other’s work and get some favor back.
  • Have you ever though, there could be a possibility of making money just by dropping comment on other’s blog? As I mentioned before they always present lucrative giveaway. This is one of them. You make comment on other fellow blogger’s post, Kingged reward you $5-$15/day. This is a daily contest. Most valuable comment of the day gets $5, the one who makes highest number of comment in a day gets $10, 2nd top contributor gets $5 and any random commentator gets a prize of $5 as well. (update: this giveaway is currently paused)
  • They have introduced another giveaway last week. You can apply for displaying Kingged banner on your blog and you will be getting $60-$600 depending on your blog popularity, traffic and social engagement.

#5 Inbound:

  • Registration type – Free
  • Page Rank – 5
  • Alexa Rank –  9,186
  • Special feature: Like the name suggest, it’s an inbound blogging community system.

Inbound is the perfect example of a neat, clean and effective blogging community. No fancy stuff, just a simply method to submit article and getting engage with other fellow blogger. That is why Inbound is one of the leading communities in the blogging industry. Step in to make most of it.

Working method: 

  • Simple 4:1 rule. You appreciate other 4 articles by members , you get to submit 1 article. Fair and sweet system making sure of no foul spam contribution.
  • They welcome all kind of articles but if your an SEO expert, this place is specially designed for you. Lots of quality SEO articles are shared daily.

#6 List.ly:

  • Registration – Free
  • Page Rank – 5
  • Alexa Rank – 11,323


Another Blogigng community which brought me the early break through when I first started Blogging and were hunting to get some traffic. Perfect platform to meet new blogging friends and engaging with new audience. You should not stay away from this cool community.

#7 DoSplash:

  • Registration – Free + Pro
  • PR – 0
  • Alexa Rank – 76,934

This Blogging community is relatively new in comparison to other blogging communities but certainly has the potential to make its own mark. The reason I said it has potential because, you can see almost all pro bloggers are member here and sharing their content along with valuable tips to be successful in blogging. My suggestion would be hop in as soon as possible and make the most of this growing community.


Honestly, I could go on and keen adding many other blogging communities like Blokube, Managewp, Fuelmyblog, Triberr, Blogadda and so on. Though they are great platforms but operate almost the same way. If we think on actual time priority basis, then it won’t be too fruitful to invest all our time in blogging communities itself. We really need to think economically when it comes to allot time in blog promotion. Being active in different blogging communities is just a part of blog promotion not the only one. But that does not mean I am asking you not join on these communities. All I want to say choose few among them, be specialized and try to make most out of them.

I strongly suggest you to add blog post in all Blogging communities you have chosen to concentrate without being bias on any of them. I personally have witnessed, regular inclusion on a specific time in a day brings more traffic then random practice. You can work out on that. I am quite sure you will get immensely benefited.

If you are already a member in any blogging community, do let me know how is your experience?

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