7+2 innovative ways to Dig and Discover new blog post ideas

Fingers are on keyboard, eyes are stuck in white screen of writing pad, sometimes you are even scratching your head like maniac hoping anytime thunder will strike and a fresh content idea will pop-up in your mind. But alas! It’s been too long, may be days you are stuck in that realm. I think it’s about time to give up your pride and understand we all have our limitations of thinking and it’s time to consider about alternatives to get new fresh content ideas or new blog post ideas.


The fair question would be, I can take a break till my brain start reproducing killer content again. Why do I need to rush to find new blog post ideas?

You can, certainly you have the right, and nobody is going to push you but trust me that would be way too costly. In this high competitive blogging world, if you are unable to keep pace with other bloggers who maintain stable content production frequency, you are going to suffer a lot. You would certainly going to miss all the benefits of updating content regularly, negative effect in Alexa Ranking, drop of keyword position is SERP for certain high competitive keywords and loss of few loyal readers who are always in hunt for quality content.

Time and again we have heard “content is king”, but I love to rephrase it, its quality that matters most. You can pile up your website with tons of gibberish content, but rest assured that’s going to backfire. Do you know why?

Why compelling content creation is so important?

Because a contextual based blog has nothing else to offer other than information. When you are doing something, do it in a way, which make people feel, this is what they have been looking for. Take them in surprise. Offer something really unique they might not have even though about. But instead if you produce ordinary content that does not offer any value, you will get the answer of many questions like; why your blog is still languishing behind, why bounce rate is excessively high, why your blogging career is not successful yet. Visitors are always in their jumping shoes. In a flash they will be off to search engine or other websites if your content is not up to their expectation standard. In this article I am going to enlighten you with some really innovative ways to dig and discover great blog post ideas that will help you to produce killer content! Every time, Without failure!

The things a great content brings to you: In a Nutshell:


Quality link/ Earning (Yeah I’m talking about Money!)




Innovative ways to discover new blog post ideas:

#1 Be a thief:

Yeah, you read it absolutely right. I am a stealer and I want you to be one as well. Don’t get me wrong. Stealing the idea of a blog post from your competitor or from a very popular blog and copying the content are two different things. I am not asking you to copy! Just don’t be afraid at all to steal the idea of blog posts from others which are getting appreciated by people.

Now the question is why you should do that:

  1. First, you both have different set of readers.
  2. Secondly, think about news or magazine website, they all serve the same story in different way. So why not any other fact that could be useful to people?

Let me give you an example. Think about popular old folk or country song. There are different singers compose and sing it in different rendition and all the versions get appreciated by different set of audiences. Same concept goes here. Instead of copying the original article, conceive the whole idea, research and prepare yourself to present it from a complete different perspective. If it’s worthy, I am sure there would be another different set or readers who will admire your work. May be even more.

Word of caution: Don’t copy the content. No, not even once.

#2 Look into Omgili:

Omgili is an awesome tool to find new blog post ideas. Unlike other search engine it does not show web pages related to search term but only provides information rich discussion along with popularity status. This preformatted search engine only displays results with particular search term which people are using to raise question or giving answer in latest time frame. So you can effectively find out what’s trending around the world and also utilize that information to create appealing content.

To use Omgili effectively:

  1. Open Omgili search.
  2. Type the search term in the given field and select from the drop down button to find Discussion post, News Article or BlogPost related to your niche. Scrutinized carefully what’s trending and try to pick the topic which interests you to create a new amazing blog post.


#3 Dig dipper into webmasters tools:

Google webmasters tolls could be quite useful to find additional blog post ideas. If you look closely in your ‘Search Analytics’ stat, you can see there are some search terms which are doing fabulous in SERP and sending some regular traffic to you website. You need to harness the opportunity those search terms are giving you. What you need to do is to use those search terms and create additional post related or close to that topic. You will not only write up another effective blog post but that will also unveil additional SEO benefit. Let me give you an example to simplify this:


Look at the screenshot above and you can see there are two search queries doing good in SERP for a single blog post. The first query stands top in SERP and the second one at 7th. Now what I am planning to do is to write an additional sequel post targeting the 2nd query or best possible alternative keyword (according to search popularity and competition) by doing a keyword research.

Follow these steps for effective blog post idea using analytics:

  1. Analyze closely popular search terms which are doing well in SERP and sending traffic to your blog.
  2. Investigate Search Analytics and find out other search term for the same blog post which is ranking lower.
  3. Go to your blog post and crosscheck whether you have targeted the first keyword (in my case “make money microworkers”) or not. If not then retarget the keyword again.
  4. Now analyze and explore the possibility for a : A) Sequel post B) Case Study C) Personal experience D) Guideline post or E) Review post according to the nature of the content.
  5. Once you have the idea of new blog post now go to Google Keyword Planner and do an in depth keyword research to find out the best possible keyword to target and produce a killer content centralizing that keyword.

Note: Don’t forget to interlink both articles.

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#4 It’s all in the comment box:

Look closely, there are plenty of opportunities lies in comment boxes, in yours as well as in others. Popular blogs get quite a few comments on their every blog post and some of them are questions or queries. Due to heavy volume, writers do not get sufficient time to reply or solve those queries. You will often find some questions are getting repeated by many visitors due to lack of clearance. This could be the massive opportunity for you to utilize into a new blog post.
First, I would suggest you to reply as many queries as you can because that will help you to gain some reputation instantly and you can easily steal some popularity from those authority blogs. Next summarize those queries and structure a beautiful blog post solving those questions.

#5 Be on board with Boardreader:

Why hopping different forums for new blog post ideas when you can find everything there in Boardreader?. Forums are undoubtedly the best places where likeminded people discuss about their ideas and doubts which make them preferable destination to explore for new blog post ideas. If you individually search different forum on your niche, it will consume hell lot of time. Boardreader could definitely come handy on this.


Boardreader is forum and board based search engine. Pick any keyword and search on Boardreader and it will return with all forums posts or topics result along with keyword search trend graph. It has even advance search option where you can adjust key words according to your requirement.

Boardreader is one of my favorite tools. Explore it; I’m sure we will love it.

#6 Trend is your friend- Be trendy:

“Trend is your friend” this is like a ‘guru mantra’ for all stock market investors. Same thing is applicable here especially for News, Tech, Fashion or Sports blogs. These are very fast changing niche. If you want to keep pace with your competitors, you got to keep updating your blog with current affairs, news or inventions regularly. There is only one way to do it like a boss; keep floating with the trend.

How to know what’s trending?

There are some fantastic tools to monitor what’s trending in your niche. If you know somehow what’s hot or trending and create a post on that topic, there are high chances you’ll attract a lot of visitors.

  • Google Trend – Best way to find out what’s burning
  • Google Alert – You can easily track your competitors for fresh content idea on any niche.
  • Twitter.com/Search– Its gives the idea on overall trend what people are talking about on Twitter
  • Reddit.comLike others great place to spot what’s going on around the world.

In short these are the useful tools to spot trending content on which people are taking interest in. It’s your time; float with the trend.

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#7 Use Quora:

I hope you have already heard about Quora. Its just an open website where you can ask any question and there would be other participants who will try to give answer according to their best judgment. Use the search button and you can find thousand of different ideas and many of then could easily qualify for your next blog post topic.


Bonus tips:

  1. Ask your Audience– This method works best when you have already build reputation as an influential writer. There could be two ways you can do this. First, adding a call to action section at the end of every blog post where you should clearly ask the question what else your reader would like to see in your blog. Secondly, by running a question answer section in hangouts, Twitter chat, Facebook page or conducting a web survey.
  2. Top up with Topsy: Another great social search tool. It has many search function those could be utilize to find interesting content idea.

If you follow above mentioned methods, I’m sure you will find plenty of new blog post ideas. Here are some special tips to frame your idea to a lucrative structured engaging content:

In order to produce a killer content, you need to fill your arsenal with:


  • Pick a hot and happening topic in your niche which interests you.
  • Do an in-depth research In Google first few pages and enlighten your idea about the topic.(try various search terms)
  • Identify the most search keyword under that topic and make a blue print topic formation centralizing that keyword.
  • Arrange resources which would complement and enrich your selected topic.
  • Try to figure out something which will add unique value to the content.
  • And finally, produce something epic which has more value to offer rather than any result in first few pages combined.

Bonus tip: Though this point is unrelated to writing criteria or needs but still required much attention.

  • Search engine does not always reflect best candidate in terms of quality in SERP. May be the best content struggling in page 3-4 due to lack of SEO score. Don’t let this happen to you. If you have given effort to produce great content don’t let it go unnoticeable. Invest some more time to promote your content and building back links. Make sure your content gets its due respect.

I know we need to dig dipper: 

Well, basically this is how I try to find new blog post ideas but I am sure there are some other amazing hidden ways. Do you know any special way to find them out? What do you basically do when you run short of new blog post ideas?

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