You must have these 4 things from the day one to create blog brand identity

The process of blogging itself is quite complex and there are several dimensions in it. It’s simply not possible to be successful just by publishing blog content. It is estimated that over 400k blog content published every day on web. Do you thing you can make your own mark or create blog brand identity just by publishing blog content? I do agree, quality blog content has lots to do but there are several other factors you need to keep in mind to build a successful blog brand identity. Starting a blog is quite easy and anyone can do that but to maintain the process and creating brand recognition needs much more tender ministration.



You might be thinking; what the hell is this brand identity has to do with my blogging and who the hell cares if I don’t have any?

True that. If you are an amateur blogger and blogging just for fun or sharing your ideas with your friends, family or acquaintances then you probably can afford not to pay attention to this brand creation things. But for a business perspective, it has a key role to play.

A brand is something which presents your business’s unique value proposition towards your customer, visitors or users and instantly recognized by them. It spreads the aura which distinctly separates and helps your business to stand out in the industry in long haul. This is what Darren Rowse has done with Problogger or Pat Flynn with smart passive income. They successfully made problogger and SPI a brand which is recognized almost every blogger regardless of niche. Creating a separate blog brand identity requires sufficient time and series of some specific actions. I wish I could list down everything in a single post. Probably I’ll do that later someday. But for now, as I am designing this post specially for the beginners, who have just started their blogging career, I will list 4 indispensable things they should have from the day one to create their own blog brand identity in long term.

It’s in the look at first sight – kill it with a catchy Logo or Banner:

Logo is something which can only make the striking first impression that nothing else can. When a visitor arrives on your blog, the first thing he notices is your website logo or banner. I am sure you don’t want to give a wrong impression to your visitors just by creating a logo/ banner by writing down your blog name or a picture with business name using paint or any simple drawing software, which basically represents that you are not taking your business seriously. Let me give you an example which will help you to understand why an attractive yet simply looking logo is very much important for business’s branding perspective. Think of any well known company like Nike, Google, Pepsi or Coca-Cola. Doesn’t the picture automatically come to your mind when you utter the name of these companies? This is exactly what I’m talking about. You should create a logo and use it in your blog from the day one which will eventually blend with your business name in long term and create your own personal blog brand identity.

So, here’s the deal. Unless you’re entirely efficient using drawing tool like Photoshop or Coral and have good designing idea, it’s better to opt for any professional to get your logo designed. The best place you can go to get your log done is fiverr.  A fixed $5 dollar marketplace of different jobs like Graphics & Design, Logo Design, Online Marketing, Creative marketing etc.

It might sound like self bragging but you can hire us on Fiverr. We have a very efficient designer team who can deliver unique and high quality logo in just 3 days (maximum) time. We even modify/revision once per logo if required free of charge.

Make a fabulous impression with Favicon:

Another critical part, which immensely impacts to create online branding. I guess you already have an idea of what favicon is. If not then let me tell you,

This is the icon which is associated with any website or webpage helping people to identify a website’s separate identity’.

I have explained in detail what favicon is and how to add favicon to your website in my earlier post. If you want to enlighten yourself, you can take a look at that. All I just wanted to say, you should have a favicon in your website and I would like to suggest, don’t use any default favicon provided by WordPress, Genesis Framework or Thesis Framework. Instead use your own custom one.

Discover and offer a unique value proposition of your business to create blog brand identity:

Give your visitor a strong reason why they should visit your website. Discover and present a worth proposition of your product, content, business, service etc. to your visitors that no one else could offer. I understand blogging is different from other business and most likely not everyone will have a solid blue print right at the beginning. But devote some extra quality time and stretch an extra mile to figure out something unique of your own, which will distinguish you from other in log term. It may not have to be a new invention but it could be an old thing in a new bottle that nobody seen in that way. Good thing is that you don’t have to have that in the beginning of your blogging carrier. Just keep working on it. The thought may hit on you anytime! Once you have it, present to the people with an attractive marketing package. It will automatically blend with your business name and logo with time and remain forever.

World is changing- Make the blog lay out design more mobile friendly:

It started changing with the invention of Smartphone and picked up the pace alongside the increasing uses of Smartphone. Yes, I am talking about browsing nature. It’s not the desktop anymore. You would find a significant number of mobile users in your web log data statistics and with every passing year, we may witness the number is going upwards only. So can you afford not to go mobile friendly? Trust me, it would be highly risky business. The easiest way to make your blog mobile friendly is by using a responsive theme. An efficiently coded responsive theme adjusts the screen size automatically according to the browser size and nature.

There are few great companies out there who provide vast array of mobile friendly WordPress themes such as Genesis, Thesis, Solostream or Mythemeshop. In this site I use Mythemeshop  Spalash theme (Though I am just using the basic frame and altered the rest due to my need), one of the best themes I have ever come across. If you are not technically that much savvy or not confident altering codes then you should go for Mythemeshop themes. These themes are extremely user friendly, neat and most importantly SEO friendly. You can use this link or click on the below add banner to get 46% discount on your purchase.


(disclaimer- I will earn a small commission if you buy theme using this link. )

Over to You:

Creating an online brand is extremely important, especially for business perceptive. Have you taken any measure to create your own brand identity? If yes, what are those?


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