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In my online income diary series I have already posted an article on how to make money with Microworkers. If you haven’t read that blog post yet, I would strongly suggest you to read that first and start working with it. Because in this post, I’m going to reveal some secret ways to make money with microworker and by utilizing these Technics you can maximize your earning by quite a margin. Understanding the basics mechanism of Microworkers is required in order to implement these tricks.

make money with microworker

In this post you will learn:

  • Understanding the jobs mechanism
  • Unlocking invisible floating jobs in the system
  • How to quickly do Yahoo Answer, Forum post jobs
  • How to double twitter followers in few days for social bookmarking jobs

Understanding the jobs mechanism:

Once you log in to it diverts you to the default dashboard where you can see the number of jobs listed and available for you to do. There could be other jobs in the system as well but only those jobs will appear in your dashboard which you qualify to do. Microworks has a geo-based targeted job allotment system. Means if any provider creates a campaign targeting and looking for workers from USA and Canada and if you are from Asia/Europe, that particular job will not appear in your dashboard.

Whenever a new job created by any provider and approved by microworkers, its starts showing in the system in real time basis. Every job has a limited number of workers spot like 30/50/100 and system runs on first come first serve basis. But the problem is, unless you refresh the page you will never know if there is any job came in your way or not. So the key take-away is, you should always accept and finish jobs which are available to you as soon as possible that whenever a new job appears you can do that immediately. In this way you can fish maximum number of jobs in a day resulting higher income.

Unlocking invisible floating job in the system:

As I mentioned before there are always new jobs coming in the system and old ones which are getting done by workers are going out of the system. This process continues. Whenever you finish a job it is out of your dashboard. But new ones won’t appear unless you refresh the page. This could be really tedious and time consuming at the same time. The real dilemma is whether to keep pressing F5 to hunt new jobs down or actually do existing available jobs. Unless you able to catch new jobs immediately which has less available sits, it will be quite difficult to maximize your earning with microworkers.

Here I’m going you to show you a way that you can actually do both at the same time. You can keep working with jobs which are available to you and whenever a new job comes to the system you will discover that instantly.

Add Auto Refresh Plus extension in chrome or opera browser. After adding that extension in browser, you need to changes the settings.

1. Click on the extension > Advanced features

auto refresh plus settings

2. In General Settings section make the ‘default time interval’ to 2 seconds.

3. Next go to Page Monitor Section and tick the box to enable the feature and then type ‘1 jobs’ into the box.

4. Finally click save setting at the bottom of the page.

5. Now come back to your dashboard and drop down all available jobs by clicking at the end of job URL.

Microworkers job details

6. There should not be any jobs listed in your dashboard now. You can open those jobs before dropping down and save links in an excel file. So that you won’t lose them and can finish later whenever you want till they are in the system.

7. Now click on Auto Refresh Plus extension and type ‘1 jobs‘ into the page monitor section if it’s not already populated.

8. And finally click on “start” plugin and you are done with configuring. Page will keep refreshing in every 2 seconds, (you can even make it 1 sec). You don’t have to manually refresh the page anymore and whenever there will be a new job in the system, it will notify you immediately by popping up a notification window in your browser. By enabling this extension you can literally hunt down each and every job. At the end of the day, you will be amazed to see how many extra jobs you have done than usual.

microworkers jobs

How to quickly do Yahoo Answer, Forum post jobs:

In order to do Yahoo answer jobs you must have level 2 account standing or else you can not submit link on the source box. Here is a small trick to get level 2 Yahoo answer account in a day.

First create 4 new yahoo mail ids. Lets say they are  A, B, C and D. Raise question from account A, B and C and answer all those question from account D. Log back in first 3 accounts after 4 hours and choose D’s answer as best answer which will earn 10 points for each best answer selection. Repeat the process 5 times and bingo you got a level 2 yahoo answer account in a day.

Forum post jobs are bit tricky. It takes a lot of time to find any suitable forum to finish those job due to very stiff requirement. You would suggest you to use Omgili and Boardreader more efficiently. They are quite useful tool and can help in a great deal to find out relevant forum.

How to double Twitter followers in few days for social bookmarking jobs:

The requirement of Twitter jobs is really massive. It needs quite an effort to double Twitter followers and one can not use any account more than 30 retweets. Moreover the requirement of klout score above 30 is real pain.

Wrapping it up: 

I started working on microworkers way back in 2010. Seen lot of changes in these year. But there are some certain things which always remained same like sustainability of workflow, timely payment and almost no workers support. Yeah, literally there is no workers support at all. Apart from that, really having fantastic experience.

I will try to come up with another tutorial with recent job nature and how to do them efficiently. If you have any particular query about microworkers or you would like to know how to do any specific job , feel free to ask. I will be glad to help you out.

Till then happy microworking!

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