How to add sticky floating sidebar Widget in your blog and increase CTR

Have you seen there are some blogs which have a widget that keeps rolling as you scroll down? Just like the one I have on my blog that floats till it reaches to the right footer when you scroll down, never letting side portion look dull and blank. These are sticky floating sidebars which are very useful for attracting reader’s attention. In this tutorial I will show you how to add sticky floating sidebar in your WordPress blog. But let’s see first, why we should use one?


One of the main reasons many websites are using sticky floating sidebar is because, without visually destructing (like popup add blocks) you can showcase some of your best creations to your readers. It immensely increases click through rate, which is really significant in this current blogging atmosphere where readers are little impatience and truly annoyed with pop-ups and distracting ads, helping you to gain authority among them.

Benefits of using sticky floating sidebar:

  1. Showcase some of your best creations, display advertisement or email news letter form.
  2. Utilization of space. (Why letting something to go waste?)
  3. Makes visually attractive!
  4. Helpful weapon to decrease bounce rate.
  5. Helps to achieve successful promotional campaign.

Before moving forward you need to decide on, whether you want the entire sidebar floats downward while being scrolled or any particular widget(essentially the last one or group because it looks clean. Does not seem one overlapping another) that moves down highlighting a specific portion. I will mention that again when needed in the later part of the article and show you how you can choose either of these two.

Create and add sticky floating sidebar:

If playing with codes is not your cup of tea, you don’t need to worry. We have one very useful and popular pluging which can be used to create and add sticky floating sidebar to your blog.

I have made this small video tutorial to guide you through visually.


If you are not conformable with video or didn’t like it here’s further enlightenment in textual format.

You need to add and activate a plugin called ‘Q2W3 Fixed Widget (Sticky Widget)‘ in your WordPress blog. Once you are done with that navigate to Appearance>Widgets section. Now select one widget you want to be sticky and floating. Once you open that widget you will be getting a new option called “Fixed widget” right at the button of the widget window. Check in the box and the widget will get its wings to float while the page is being scrolled downside.


You can select as many widgets you want to be sticky by following the same procedure. It is it highly advisable don’t just make random widget sticky. Suppose if you select top widget and another one from middle then those two widgets have to overlap other existing widgets while being floating down which looks typically odd. If you want multiple widgets to be sticky, put them right at the button in order and that will look nice and clean.

Configuring ‘sticky’ plugin:

You can configure the plugin options by going to Appearance>Fixed Widget Options. There are many options and you may need to change ‘Margin top or margin button’ settings according to your theme compatibility. You can even add custom HTML IDs into the given box. Though, nothing is that much important. Default settings work pretty fine.


Sticky floating sidebar is certainly one of the most acceptable ways to increase click through rate and that too without making user annoyed. But it is suggestible not to go overboard using sticky sidebar as well or else that could make user offended too.

Well, this was it. A small tutorial to add Sticky floating sidebar in your WordPress blog. I hope you won’t face any problem adding this useful plugin to your blog.

Happy Blogging and very prosperous new year to you all.


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