How to add a favicon To your website? Simplified method



Before explaining the process “how to add a favicon to your website or blog” i would just like to give a small detail about, what Favicon is and why every blog owner should use a favicon on his blog.

What is Favicon?

Favicon is an abbreviation of favorite’s icon. This is the icon which is associated with any website or webpage helping people to identify a website’s separate identity. Unlike logo it is basically only associated with Website URL which displays in a browser’s address bar.

Why you should add a favicon to your website?

You are not a common blogger, right? So, how is it possible to make yourself stand out in the crowd and let everyone know that you have a separate identity? Well, we all know appearance comes first than good deeds. Favicon plays an importance role here. Having a unique Favicon of your website gives you the wings to set a separate identity. In this article we are going to learn how to add a favicon to your website which will help us to create our own brand identity.

How to create a favicon?

To start the process you need a favicon image. It is always a preferable approach to have a favicon alike your website logo. You can either ask your designer or can make it by yourself. There are several websites like The GIMP  or Favicon Generator where you can create or convert your own image into favicon. Make sure you set the size into 16×16 pixel and save it as .ico file extension. The file name should exactly look like ” favicon (.ico) “.

Adding Process of favicon to your website:

I have seen people are using plugin to add favicon to their websites. Why should you heat up your blog loading time adding with one more plugin, when you can easily do it adding a simple code? The process is simple and without knowing coding stuff you still can manage to add favicon to your website quite effortlessly. Just follow the below mentioned steps:-

  1. Log into your control panel and upload the newly created favicon.ico file to your website’s main root directory. If you have multiple domain, make sure you choose the right domain  before uploading.
  2. Upload another favicon.ico file into your theme’s main folder. ( IMP part)
[button font_size=”20″ color=”#8080ff” text_color=”#ffffff” target=”_self”]Note :-[/button]
  • Do keep in mind if you already have an old favicon.ico file in your theme’s main folder, make sure you delete that before you upload the new one.

Now after this, you just only need to paste the below mentioned code into you theme’s header.php file

<link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”<?php echo get_stylesheet_directory_uri(); ?>/favicon.ico” />




Do not forget to hit save button after adding the code. It is only then that only the changing effect will take place.

Finally, test your website and favicon icon should be there right in place. Did it work for you? If not or you are facing any issue to add a favicon, then please let us know in comment section or in Facerbook, we will figure it out for you.



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