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Hello folks,

First of all a very warm welcome to our site socialnetworkingking.com (SNK). We are really very glad that you stumbled upon this page.

Well, this blog is basically founded in the year 2013 but actually started fully operating since mid of 2014 by Suchita Hazra, a tech lover, who have been working in media industry for over 12 years now. And later Saikat Hazra, who is a professional investment consultant also started contributing to make this platform a “one stop knowledge destination” for all aspirant future blogger. The sole purpose of this blog is to provide quality guides and tutorials on blogging along with practical approach towards online marketing. As Suchita Hazra has been working in media industry for quite a long time now and has fair knowledge about digital media marketing, so she wishes to share her knowledge with riders who want to have success in digital media marketing.

Why you should be our readers and how we can help you:

We certainly agree we are not the only blog out here who discuss or rather share knowledge about blogging or social media marketing. But what you will be getting here are absolutely made for you. We try to present unique articles which add value to all new blogger in such a manner that they can understand and practically utilize them for their own flourishment.

As it is mentioned before, we are trying our best to make this blog ‘one stop knowledge hub’ for all blogging related things. We have been continuously adding content on blogging tricks, social media, search engine optimization and we have even recently added making money guide on our content list.

So if you are looking for quality guidance on:

  • Digital Media Marketing
  • Social Media news
  • Blogging Tricks
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Legit online Money Making Ideas

then you should stick to our blog.


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