7 Easy yet effective ways to improve your blog and website visitors

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Having a great looking blog with sufficient content in it does not guarantee great site performance. We often misunderstand the fact of SEO and while doing BIG stuff we do not pay proper attention to the basic things which need to be get done in the first place. Getting listed in search engine for a particular set of query is not an easy task and need continuous attention and proper link building process for over the time period. Let’s accept the fact “Blogging is not a one day game

Creating articles on key word based and optimizing them on that particular keyword are both co-related, as most of the visitors come from search engines results.  So, if we construct our article and present them for search engine friendly manner, that significantly improves the chances of getting listed higher at the search engine table for a particular set of query . A blogger’s target should always be on search engine driven traffic as they are FREE and serve long-term benefit in compare to paid traffic.

Here are 7 easy yet effective steps which will immediately start boosting your blog performance and attract more website visitors.

1)   Is the KING (content) is in good health?

Content, that’s all we are offering! So let’s take care of it. Your blog is only going to get mileage in long-term if you are offering solid informative content. All the major search engines love unique content with useful information. If your arsenal is well equipped, now you need to make sure you cater them well.

  • Pay Proper attention to Page Title while creating – Page title is by far the most important on-page SEO element which has a great impact on search engine. As the page title showcases your entire content on search engine so it needs to be attractive. An appealing content title not only attracts more visitors to check your webpage but also secure higher place on search result.

Check list:  

  1. Keyword must be in page title and try moving it right at the beginning.
  2. The page title should be more than 40 characters and less than recommended limited to 70 characters. 
  3. If you are confused what to use except keyword then try consulting Google’s keyword research tool .
  • B) Use Meta description: Another important element of on-page SEO. This section is used to describe about the article in 140 characters. This field does not show in your own website but visible on search engine result.

 Check list :

  1. Use keyword in Meta description
  2. Meta description has to be above 120 characters but should not exceed 140 characters limit.
  • C) Make sure your articles are informative and at least contains 300 words.
  •  D) Use Proper alt-tag for images.  

2)  Harness the Power of Social Media Strength :- 

Now a days Social Networking sites are not only confined to the concept of using for socializing purpose only. It has created a whole new opportunity for webmasters to display and showcase their product. Simply, it has become one of the greatest marketing tool available right now in the web. A strong profile in  Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, Myspace can give huge advertising exposure which will make search engine understand your presence all over the web. Major search engines are giving great importance to this while calculating ranking factors. So start blowing your horn right away if you have not started yet.

Check List:

  1. Keep sharing your content on different Social Media on regular interval.
  2. Use Social Sharing plug-ins to display share buttons for your visitors.
  3. Do not forget to ask your visitors to share articles. It’s always good to make them remember again and again.
  4. Create some strong profiles on different Social Networking Platforms. This step is very much important because if you do not have sufficient friends or followers then you are not doing it right.     
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3)  Get as much niche based link-love as you can :- 

Back links are still the most important factors to decide search engine rankings. This is relatively long-term time consuming process and you need to follow step by step method to build quality niche based back links for your website. It’s hard to define how many back links a site needs to get to rank better in search engine. Quality always matters. So it is way better to get a niche based high page rank authority rather than 10 junk Backlinks from irrelevant websites. But every link has its own value, may be small but still helps. Here’s a checklist whether you are doing it right or not.

Check List:-

  1. interlinks your own site:-We often forget to interlink our own site. Do that. It offers 2 fold benefits. Firstly it passes the page authority to the linked paged and secondly it reminds your readers that you have some other awesome posts as well!
  2. Help others to get helped :- volunteer!  Guest blogging is nicest way to get niche based quality backlinks. Google same niche based blogs which allow guest blogging and offer some piece of your cakes.
  3. Use Social Bookmarking site Often :–  Site like StumbleUpon, Reddit, Diigo, delicious, Digg have high page rank. There are more or less 200 quality bookmarking sites available which have nice traffic along with high page authority. As most of them are free to register so don’t forget to take the full advantage of social bookmarking.
  4. Connect with other blog :– Do visit some of your fellow blogger’s websites and leave a positive comment with a Backlink to your site.
  5. Participate in discussion boards: – Forums are great places not only for getting some do-follow back links but also letting people know what you are offering.

4) Get rid of Broken links and pages as soon as you can:- 

Imagine a visitor comes to your website and finds there’s nothing in it except 404 errors – Page Not Found! Almost 80% of the cases that visitor is not going to come back to your site again. Whatever might be the reason like “page deleted” or “Para link structured has been changed” The damage has already been done. Fix it before it’s too late. Here’s a small guide to fix 404 page error.

Check list:-

  1. Easiest way to find out any 404 crawl errors is using Google Webmaster Tools. It’s hard to imagine that any webmaster is not using this tool but if you are one of them, then please without wasting any more time enroll yourself.
  2. Sign in to Webmaster tool and add your site if not yet. Then navigate to

     A.  Health > B ) Crawl Errors > C)  Not Found 


The most relevant solution is to 301 redirection to the similar page or to home page. If you are not sure how to create a 301 redirect then check out How to redirect a webpage.

5) Take full advantage of Google Authorship markup :-

Update: Goggle search result no more shows Author picture.

Lately Google has been giving enormous exposure to this newest inclusion Authorship markup. Apart from the benefits of having head shot image in SERPS it helps you to rank better than other listing.


Rich snippet in search results establishing authority and that significantly increases click-through rate. One of the important factors you should not over look.

Check list :-

  1. Set up an Authorship markup.
  2. Make sure every author has his own profile.
  3. Be active in Google+1 profile. That injects feel good factors to your submission.
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6)   Use each and every Google Product :-

We have already mentioned about Google +1, Webmaster tool but apart from them there are several other Google products available as well. Try to use each and every product with the same email id. Every product has its own significance and adds authority to Google Authorship markup. With the increasing authority your content will tend to secure better result in search engine.

      Check list :

  1. Create a Google +1 page for your business.
  2. Include the website and cross verify that with Google webmaster tool.
  3. Use Google analytic

7)   Create a clutter free “ ABOUT US “ page :-

Think about “Why are you here for “. Certainly to build an identification to the blogging world. Right? But think a visitor comes to your website and caught interest on your writing and want to know whereabouts. Often I have visited websites which does not have any writer’s identification, no Photo, no contact information, nothing about the blog. It’s simply hard to connect with an anonymous. It’s a prime factor and easiest medium to connect with your readers. Put some info about you. Let readers connect with your social profiles. Do not forget, without readers, we bloggers are nothing!

Finally, we can come to the conclusion that we have done the prime things right. Now seat back and relax for a while. Your effort will soon start reaping benefits.

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